HindustanAeronauticsLtd. Candidate-Experiences Contributed by Anirban Bhattacharya updated on Jun 2019

                       HAL Management Trainee Exam - Candidate's Experience

Hai all !!! My name is Anirban Bhattacharya.I attended HAL Management Trainee exam for Mechanical branch at Ramdeobaba College,Nagpur.Here I would like to share my experience with you.Here I am sharing some of the questions asked in exam. 

General Awareness paper:- 20q(current affairs + core GK.... equal) level - moderate & tricky.. questions... 
1.percentage of irrigated land in india? - 25,35,45,30... ans-35 
2.Buddha belongs to which dynasty? -satvahans,mallas,shakyas,licchhavas ans-shakyas 
3.microchip invented by? robert noyce & jack kilby, larry page & jack kilby, gordon moore & jack kilby, jack kilby ans-robert noyce & jack kilby 
4.kushok bakula has been named as the new name of which airport? leh,jammu,srinagr,dehradun ans-leh 
5.leander paes teamed up with whom to win chennai open? mahesh bhupati,andy ram,rohan bopanna, janko tipservic ans-janko tipservic 
6.1942:a love story directed by? vidhu vinod chopra,ramesh sippy,yash chopra,rajkumar santoshi ans-vidhu vinod chopra 
7.best foreign language film at oscars 2013? les miserables,life of pi,talaash,brave ans-none, amour z d answer..which was not given 
8.spirit of cricket award in 2012 to? ravindra jadeja,richard levi,sunil narine,daniel vettori ans-daniel vettori 
9.which IT company founder got padma vibhushan in 2011? ratan tata,azim premji,narayan murthi,shiv nadar ans-azim premji 
10.47th jnanipath award to? ans-prathibha ray 
11.skoda art prize to? ans-l.n. tullar 
12.forbidden verses written by? salman rushdie,taslima nasreen,abu nawas.... ans-abu nawas 
13.rajiv gandhi khel ratna award 2012 to? yogeshwar dutt,deepika kumari.... ans-yogeshwar dutt 
14.largest gold producing country? south africa,usa,russia,china... ans-china 
15.computerisation of banks project led by whom? ans-c.rangarajan 
16.name of 7th billion baby recognised by UN? ans-nargis 
17.dating with d help of tree-rings? ans-dendrochronology.. 
18.best fifa coach award 2012 to which country manager? ans-spain 
19.who mentioned abt dynabook in his book? ans- alan kay 
20.who was also known as temujin? ans-genghis khan... 

English & Reasoning paper:- 40q(equally distributed..) level- english was moderate & reasoning -easy.. 
1.antonym of antipathy - liking
 2.antonym of puny- sturdy 
3.another antonym question 
4.synonym of quirky- peculiar 
5.synonym of quaint- pictureseque 
6.synonym of ethnological- racial 
7.correct sentence.. Jane is very good at languages.... 
8.correct sentence.. stood at the door..shaking his head.... 
9.another correct sentence.. 
10.fill in d blanks... astronauts weightless... ans- And,as 
11.fill in d blanks... the governmnet.... tax authorities... ans-directed,form 
12,13,14..passage on Ban-Ki-Moon..& water conservation.. 
15.critical reasoning..passage1 on child labour..mining industry 
16.critical reasoning..passage1 on hydel power generation 
17 & 18. critical reasoning..passage3 & 4.. 
19,20. typical english questions... 
Reasoning:- (including qauntitative aptitude...) 
1.arrange words alphabetically...secret,sequence... 
2.simple interest question.. 
3.probability question...a spade or ace or both... ans-3/14.. 
4.circular seating arrangement... ans-left of shravan 
5.row seating arrangement... ans-Dinesh 
6.bench photo seating arranement... ans-sania 
7.another puzzle question.. 
8.arrange in descending order...fractions 
9.arrange in descending order...internal angles of polygons 
10.semester marks average question... ans-527 
11,12.complete d series of figures.. 
13,14.series questions on numbers.. 
15.analogy question...sports:caving :: tourism:travelling 
16.another analogy question.. 
17,18,19,20... typical reasoning questions... CONCLUSION:- much easier dn last year...evry1 cn score gud marks... 

Mechanical Paper :- (Thermal & Fluids Engineering) 
1.Absolute zero pressure occurs at? ans-0K 
2.Numerical on isothermal process? ans-8 or 12 KJ 
3.Wet bulb depression represents? ans-relative humidity 
4.Heat transfer takes place by which law? ans-2nd 
5.Temp. distribution for plane wall,for steady state heat flow and constant k...?? ans-linear 
6.Max. effectiveness of parallel flow gas turbine recuperator? ans-50% 
7.Prandtl no. is minimum for? ans-liquid metals 
8.Numerical on planck's law or something from radiation? 
9.Diesel cycle approximates to otto cycle when? 
10.Very low temp. obtained by? ans-magnetic cooling 
11.Thermal efficiency of otto cycle when r=5.5? 
12.1 stoke= 10^(-4) Ns 
13.Gay-Lussac's law 
14.If cohesion>adhesion,level of fluid dipped in glass? ans-lower than surface of liquid 
15.Numerical on discharge 
16.Reynolds no. question 
17.Cavitation in turbine likely to occur at? ans- at exit 
18.Absolute pressure is the sum of? ans-atm. press. + gauge press. 
19.Numerical on viscosity? ans-4Ns/m2 
20.Question on metacentric height 
21.Question on radius of mohr's circle when P=2 units in fluid? 
22.Single pipe replaced by two pipes in series,which quantities have to be same? ans-flow & head 
23.Brayton cycle with regeneration numerical? ans- specific output=350KJ 
24.Brayton cycle numerical? 
25.Cooling tower question 
26.Steam condenser numerical? (Design Engineering-I) 
27.Slenderness ratio of circular section=200,then l/d ratio=50 
28.Normal stress numerical 
29.For a process to be feasible,entropy change shud be? ans--ve,+ve or 0 
31.Shaft numericals 
32.Inversion is obtained by? ans-fixing different links 
33.Flywheel controls wat? ans-dn/dt 
34.Question on rim of flywheel & energy stored? ans=1/4th 
35.Vibration question in which force was asked 
36.Numerical on frequency,pulley diagram? 
37.Match the following-theory of machines 
38.American thread angle? ans-60,29 
39.T-joint weld used when? ans- for 90 degree joining 
40.For self-locking condition? ans-helix angle

41.In v-belt, if one breaks,all r changed y? ans-ensure uniform stress 
42.Numerical on column 
43 & 44. numericals on bearing 
45.Deep groove ball bearing question? (Production Engineering) 
46.Lattice points in scc,bcc & fcc? ans-1,2,4 
47.Constantan alloy contains? ans-copper & nickel 
48.Non-ferrous cast alloys r called? ans-stellites 
49.Binding material in cementite carbide? ans-cobalt 
50.Which has hcp structure? ans-Mg 
51.German silver composition? 
52.Pearlite under microscope occurs as? ans-fingerprint 
53.Taylor's tool life numerical? ans-300% 
54.Carbide tool fails in? ans-tension & shear 
55.Seamless tubes manufactured by? ans-piercing 
56.Shrinkage allowances for CI & brass? 
57.Trowel is wat? 
58.Coal dust in sand moulding is used for? 
59.Key-hole welding is another name for? ans-Plasma arc welding 
60.Arc blow is more common in which welding? 
61.Most efficient measurement is done by? ans-optical projector 
62.Volume compensated by riser numerical? ans-3+4=7% 
63.Numerical on reynolds no.? 
64 & 65.numericals on tolerance & deviation 
66.Match the following-CAD/CAM 
67.Bite angle numerical 
68.Honed & drlled angles represented by?ans-H10,P5 
69.Non-conventional machining question 
70.Regrerssion method for? ans-casual analysis 
71.Vehicle manufacturing uses? ans-product layout 
72.Assignment problem? ans-m+n-1 
73.Upper bound approach? 
74.Reorder level numerical? 
75.EOQ numerical? 
76.Lead time numerical? 
77.Numerical on chart? 
78.Forecasting numerical? 
79.Find forecasting equation? ans-2.5+0.8t 
80.Work transfer machines are wat? 
81.Which are CNC programming languages? ans-all(compact-ii,split,uniapt) 
82.Management question?ans-both a & b 
83.Asa tool signature has how many elements? ans-7 
84.Least accurate is? ans-steel gauge 
85.Shaper numerical? (Engineering Mathematics) 
87.Find poles for complex function? 
88.Residue question? 
89.Differential equation question? ans-not defined 
90.Rank of matrix? 
91.Simpson's rule numerical? 
92.Which numerical method needs proper selection of initial value? 
93.For x^(1/x) to be increasing function, x=? 
94.Continuous & discrete function question? 
95.Find standard deviation for a set of values? (Design Engineering-II) 
96.Stopping distance numerical? 
97.Bullet & wooden block question? 
98.Frequency numerical? 
99.Find final velocity numerical? ans-13.5m/s 
100.Numerical on friction..but without diagram