GRSE Candidate-Experiences Contributed by Anirban Bhattacharya updated on May 2020
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          GRSE Asst. Engg. exam..2014 - Candidate's Experiences (Mechanical Paper)

Non technical questions:

Synonyms of following 
2.Disclose was the answer forgot what was the question 
3. Antonym 
4. Prejudice 
5. Genuine 
6. Direction problem 
7. Answer was i think south-west 2 question on statement and conclusion i'm writing what i marked 
9.2 questions on statement correction 
10. Besides your help i would try to do the work alone .(can't remember exact) 
12. Among all the 5 statements 4 begun with he and 5th one starts with noun. the correct sequence will have noun first and only one option had satisfied it. 
14. Relation problem answer was i think sister in law 3 questions on arrangemement and sequencing 4 vocalist 1 dancer etc etc (i'm writing what i had marked) 
18.Question on h.c.f answer was 31 
19.Question on equating cone area with cyli9nder area 
20. A scored 10% less than passing ......will c pass or fail ans was he will pass exacyly passing marks 
21. Average problem finding number of boys answer was 30 
22. Number of sweets 72 each student gets equal number of sweets answer was 12. 5 questions on data interpretation
28. Question on man woman and childern work and time problem ans was 7 days. 4 questions on venn diagram 
33. One question on coal % question 
34. One question from boat upstream odwnstream question 
35. Question on man and car and fog....time and distance question. 

Technical Questions:

1. Ball and socket bearing-------spherical pair. 
2.Reynold no for laminar and Tubulent---? 
3.Constant temp process---Hyperbolic. 
4.Maximum Strain per unit vol------proof regilience 
5.Tapper in cotter joint-----------1 in 24 to 1 in 20 
6.Forced closed pair are the example of (a)door closing (b).....? 
7.Net out put of an engine is one fourth of sink output than efficincy of engine-----20% 
8. Efficiency of rankine cycle in comparision to carnot----less 
9. Design of shaft for brittle material is based on-rankine Theory of failure 
10. Factor of safety for steel-2, 4, 8, 12 ? 
11.Strength of rivet due to bearing/tearing(forget)---(a)sigma*t*d (b) (p-t)*sigma*d*t (c) (p-d)*sigma*d*t....? 
12.Centre distance between two (horizontally/vertically) parallel rivet is known as----pitch 
13. Basic shaft is defined as----upper deviation is zero 
14. Tolerance fit-----? 
15. Problem on Least Count----0.02mm 
16. Length of approach when diameter d=30mm............L=9mm 
17. One heat transfer question with one of the option as view factor. 
18. sigma*A*T^4...stefen baltzman 
19. Rotation of pulley due to .....Torque 
20. Cooling medium for annealing process-----(a) Air (b) Brine (c) Water (d) Furnace? 
22. Function of Pump---velocity head to preasure head/mechanical energy to hydraulic energy ? 
23. Elongation due to self weight ----is diectly proportionlal to L^2 
24. Dimention of surface tension- M^1*L^0*T^-2 
25. Dimention of Kinetic viscosity---L^2*T^-1 
26. Irreversible process (a) Tds= dU + pdv (b) Tds =dU (c) dQ= dU+ pdv (d) None of these....? 
27. During Throttling process which quantity remains constant- Enthalpy 
28. During inelastic collision ....(a) momentun coserved (b) K.E conserved (c) Both conserved (d) None of these 
29. Magnitude of forces act on same point but different plane is known as------concurrent non coplaner forces 
30. A helical spring cut into two equal part its equivalent stiffness----double 
31. Direction of milling cutter is opposite to work piece movement-----Up milling 
32. Helical groove...........? 
33. Circular scale of the micrometer is marked on-------thimble 
34. Variation of pressure along altitude.....(a) first decrease slowly and then steeply/ decreases linearly? 
35. Efficiency of self locking screw jack.... <50 % 
36. Maximum strength of rivet joint....(a) single v-belt (b) double v- belt (c) single U-belt (d) double U-belt 
37. Maximum strength of force during cutting of a metal ...(a) radial force (b) tangential force (c) Axial force...? 
38. NTP means--- normal temperature and pressure 
39. Horse power transmitted in a belt is mainly depends on...(a) radius (b) tension in tight side of belt (c) tension in slack side (d) all of these......ans(d) 
40.Surface roughness is specified by---- Triangle 
41. Two or more milling cutter are mounted on arbor is called .... Gang milling 
42. Properties of material are same in all direction is called-.... isotropic 
43. Water droplet-----8*sigma/2,4*sima/2 ? 
44. Cemented carbide wear occurs at: low speed , high speed , medium speed , very high speed 
45. Feeler gauge is used for. 
46. Mercury used in manometer because of which property 

All d bst to future aspirants!!