Global Edge Software Ltd. Candidate-Experiences Contributed by Siva Krishna updated on Jun 2019

Hi friends,I am Siva Krishna I sharing my experience in GlobalEdge Software Ltd Bangalore in 2012 and also sharing the Test Patterns for the position of Embedded Software Developer,GlobalEdge Recruitment Process has 5 sections- aptitude test,technical written test,technical interview -os based and program based,hr interview,technical interview -stack,operators based questions


Hi friends, My name is Siva Krishna. Recently I have placed in Global Edge Software Ltd, Bangalore Malleshwaram for the position of Embedded Software Developer. My Interview process done as follows.


The selection process contains 5 rounds.

Round1:  Aptitude Test  (100 bits and 90 Min Time)  : It Contains 50 Aptitude qns, 25 computer science basics and 25 electronics based qns.


Round2:  C and OS (34 qns and 90 Min Time): It contains 3 sections.

 Section 1: 25 objective qns on C and OS.

Section 2: 4 decrptive qns on C and OS.

Section3: Five C programs.


Round3: Technical Interview-1

Mainly Focused on C programs like Bitewise Operators, Stack, Linked List etc.


Round4: HR Interview

HR will tell company package, agreement details.


Round5: Technical Interview -2 (With Technical Manager).

Very Very Hard.. Huge Elimination..Be Careful…..He will ask nearly 8-10 programs..and  OS qns