GAIL(india)LIMITED Question-Paper Contributed by Veda updated on Jun 2020
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                                                            GAIL Model Test Paper

1. The ratio of the no. of white balls in a bag to that of black balls is 1:2. If 9 grey balls are added the ratio of nos. of white, black and grey become 2:4:3. How many black balls were in the bag?
a) 6 
b) 9 
c) 12 
d) 8

2. There are 2 toy cars facing each other at a distance of 500 cm from each other. Each car moves forward by 100 cm at a speed of 50 cm/s and then moves backward by 50 cm at a speed of 25 cm/s. How long will it take for the cars to collide?
a) 12s 
b) 14s 
c) 16s 
d) 13s

3. Find the greatest no. that will divide 964,1238 and 1400 leaving remainder of 41,31 and 51 resp.
a) 58 
b) 64 
c) 69 
d) 71

4.A person gives a secret to two other persons in 5 minutes. How long will he take to tell the secret to 768 people.

5.There are 40 seats in a bus. People agree to share the money for the number of seats. The total money comes to 70.37. how many seats were free.

Ans. 9 seats.Rs.2.27

6. A works thrice as much as B. If A takes 60 days less than B to do a work then find the number of days it would take to complete the work if both work together?

Ans. 221/2days

7. In 60 reems of paper 40 reems were utilized then what percent will remain...


8. A started at 9.00 am with 6 mph and B started at 9.30 am with 8mph in the same direction. At what time they will meet...


9. In a storage stall of 5x3x2inch.How many blanks of size 2x1x1inch can be stored..


10. A company requires 11,500 strength. present employees are 200 women , men and 6500 unmarried To reach the target how many women required to maintain the same ratio

ans : 300 

11. Centre of gravity of hemi sphere? 

Ans: 3r/8

12. Time of flight of a projectile?

13. Modulus of elasticity for a tapering section?

14. For what angle does maximum shear stress on a body exist when body is subjected to stress in one plain?

15. If a cantilever beam is loaded wid point load at its free end when the load increases at which section it will break first?

16. What kind of rivet arrangement is called as diamond riveting?

17. Which among dese is not dimensionless?
a) Absolute viscosity 
b) Specific volume 
c) Specific gravity

18. Laminar flow characteristic related question?

19. Specific speed of turbine?

20. Unit power of turbine?

21. Discharge through a reciprocating pump for single and double acting

22. Which one is intensive property? 
a) Entropy 
b) Enthalpy 
c) Density

23. Which among these has highest efficiency? 
a) otto 
b) Diesel 

24. What is equivalent length of simple pendulam which gives the same frequency as compare to compound pendulam.?

25. What is endurance limit ratio?