GAIL(india)LIMITED Aptitude-General Contributed by Miryala Phani Kumar updated on Sep 2019



Hi Friends,

This is phani kumar from Hyderabad. Here I'm contributing a GAIL Paper electrical stream which held on 28th November, 2010.

Paper I: Domain knowledge 100 questions
paper II: Aptitude version

Some of the questions from domain subject

1) Highest operting voltage for cable in overhead transmission?
2) Short transmision line?
3) 66 kv suitable for
4) In an ACSR conductor aluminium mainly helpful for
a) Mechanical strenght b) Insulation 3) Fatiuge

5) Advantage of corona greatly helpful in radio interference

6) Bundled conductor helpful in a) Surge impedance of line reduce 2) Interference with neighbouring communication decreases

7) No.of poles incase of woundrotor induction motor

8) Best suitable for hight starting toruque in case of induction motor.

9) syncho\ronous motor overexcited behaves as
a) leading b)lagging c) unity pfg

10) Relaive space betweenstator androtor is zero incae of
a) Synchornous motor b) Induction motor c) All d) none

11) Transformers which of the following is best protecting system
a) overcurrentrelay b) percentage differential relay 3( buchhcholz relay

12) Reason for placing transformer winding in steel tank helpful in
a) Mechanical protection b) Core redces

13) OC test on transformer mainly perform on lv side or hv side

14) On SC test in case of transformer can be neligible because of?

15) Operating cost of thermal or stream pwer plant would be
a) Less than nuclear poerplant b) Less than the hydel plant  c) eu\qual oto to nucler plant

16) Fuel for gas or stream power pplant would be?

17) Initial value theorem is which of the folllowing?
Lt x-->o Sx(s) ass-->oo   18) Pulvarized coal used in thermal power plant
a) Combution purpose b) Burning becomes easy

19) Equation given you need find out equivalent transfer function

20) For step w system ramp will be 
a) Infinity b) Finite c) Zero

21) pnnp of diode connection does not possible why?

22) scr is reversebiase then
a) Two junction reverse biased b) Only one junction reverse biased c) Either of one may be forward bised

23) In case of parallel caacitor chopper
Ans: Circuit turn off time less than the main thyristor value

24) which of the following needs two power supplies" comparatoror diode or scr

25) Gate ulse willl be generated by
a) Astable mv b) Monostable mv c) Bistable mv

26) How many logical gates willl be in case of astable vibrator

27) Successive approximtionneeds how many comparators

28) If resistance value of each side in case of delta connection would be 3 ohm then in caseof starit would be?

29) Which type of bridge method usefule for measuring small resistance?

30) Super position principle based on
a) Reciprocity b) Linearity c) Duality

31) Question mainly asked on behaviours of sine wave in case frequency domain time domain nearly questions from sine wave will be 5 from various topics.

32) What would happened if steady state error k then the gain?

33) DVM

34) CRO

35) Potentiometer Qestions from each topic above said had covered 36) Incase of capacitor when you made give supply a) charge deposited inner plate charge deposited outer polacte

37) Medicumbetween capacitor place air or dielectric insultating or dielectric conduction

38) From heated body to unheated body heat transfer by the prinicple of induction or conductin or dissipation

39) Avg, rms values for half wave rectifier

40) Chopper main principle

41) Two capacitors of same value C connected in series then equivalent capacitance vae

42) Function of hwr rectifier in case of chopper

43) Constant Voltage Variable Frequency in chopper because of 44) Question of op amp

45) Cyclo converters main principle

46) Transformer principle
47) Power in ac circuit
a) P= VI b) P=VI SIN OF c) P==VI COS
Rest of 50 questions i could not present here as all are from mainly signals and systems, power electronics, analong electronics, digital electronics, control systems if you thorough in above topic you will be final list of selected candidate.
Part II: 2 questions on correction of sentence
2 questions on fill in the blanks
2 question  on articles
2 question of synonyms
3 questions on passsage

15 questions on General Awarencess this section bit of importante as they covered previous 15 months news each question from each month, 15 questions on speed and time intersts, percentage, data interpretation.

My suggestion to you all make your self through preparation in alll topics especially from electronic subjects
all questions are simple and confusing make sure your self that if you miss any topic during in your preparation you get a chance to answer one question.

Myself i have done well I believe, i will be one among the GAIL's people in future.

Thank you.

All The Best!