Freescale Semiconductors Interview Experience Contributed by Shekhar updated on Jun 2019
Freescale - Candidate's Experience Hai!!!!!!!!! I have attended Freescale Placement Drive.Here I would like to share my experience with you. This year they were looking for far less number as they were on last year. 12 questions were asked total 80 marks paper each question had diff weight-age. 1. Op-amp based question : 2 op-amps both non inverting, share common input (+ive to one -ve end of input to other) , inverting terminal shorted to ground, having positive feed back and series resistance also, generate the output waveform with sine input and output of both op-amp was given to and gate. 10 marks I think. 2. Simple thevenin circuit problem. 4marks. Also series RLC circuit with same are but different bandwidth, why with reason.(depends on quality factor varies inversely to c and directly to l) 4 marks. 3. Shannon hartley theorem based question and snr based i.e. SNR = 6n +1.76. Find no of levels 'n' 10 marks. 4. cmos circuit with transmission gate control, find the issue (was floating at some point and limiting voltage issue I. E vgs-vtn) 5 marks. 5. Find the glitch in combinational circuit. 4 marks. 6. Transition probability for ex-or gate 10 marks. 7. Design a counter that counts zeros and ones. 8 marks. 8. Verilog based question. 9. Problem on cache (what I remember is power was asked and two solution were given for the problem in cache design which is better). 10. Simple d flip flop from 2:1 mux 5 marks. 11. Simple minterms calculation from circuit and reduction with k-map. 5 marks. 12. Find the set up time violations from input to first register with clock skew and input is 10 nanosec. Delayed w.r.t. Clock. . Here one thing new was that wiring delay was also given like.4 ns. 10 marks. All marking are just what I remembered may carry 2-3 marks more or less. What I will suggest is just go fresh minded even if you have prepared a lot you might put in your more effort while solving but they need is straight forward answer in written paper specially, don't be elaborative. Study digital electronics, waveform drawing, digital design. Just go relaxed because sometime question asked is simple but requires your concentration (i.e. On time analysis capability) which we loses in between because of stress and in hurry to get selected. As my friend always told me "don't quit in between" i.e go slowly till the end time they ask you to just hand over your sheet. Generally what we do at end is, let it go enough is done.