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Hi everyone,
There was two section in the test

1. Technical (12 questions)

2. Aptitude(18 questions)

Totally 30 questions 45 minutes.
They said negative marking was there, actually if two choices are marked for a single question it will be marked as negative.

1st section Technical
Most of the C, C++ questions were related to output.

Two programs were given for factorial which one will be faster( one was recursive and other one is do..while.)
Three questions were like comparison of algorithm to identify which one will faster.
One sorted sequence were given like 22,23,25,34,37,46,55,58,68... comparison between linear sorting and binary algorithm which one will fetch 25 faster. 
From database one questionwas there in that three tables were given to get the result table which join has to be used. ans is inner join.

2nd section.
* a number was wrongly divided by 63 the correct no was 36. the answer was 24. wat is the sol when it is correctly divided?

* Question on downstream and upstream.

* Question on avg speed using a formula 2xy/(x+y).

* Question from time and distance

* a horse was sold and loss of 10% and if it is sold rs.150 more gain of 10% would be there.find  cp.

* a bag contains re1,50p,25p coins to get an amount of XXX how many coins in each denominations.

* calculation of salary if a worker is present he will be paid rs.10 and absent he will be fined rs.2 if his salary is rs.216 wat will be the no of days he is absent.

* if a coffee cost 10% more inorder to keep the expenditure same how much the consumption........check it out.

* a clock hands start from 12o clock when the hands will be in the same position after 60min

i remeber only these questions.

mostly from RS agarwal. so prepare all the topics properly. easy questions not in depth.
ALL The Best.