ERICSSON Candidate-Experiences Contributed by Bijayan sarkar updated on Jun 2019
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                                                     Ericsson Interview Pattern

Hello friends,
I am Bijayan..I am from Jalpaiguri govt Engg. college.Ericsson visited our campus on 17oct 2012.I want to share my interview experience with you.

There were 4 rounds 
1)aptitude test.
3)Technical interview.
4)HR interview.

In apti there were 45 question and time was 45mints..
3section were there 
iii)verbal..I think R.S agarwal is enough forthe lr and quanti part


Verbal part was bit tough.It was a online process.There was no negative marking.and different set of questions.GD was an elimination round our topic was "social networking curse or boon"..if you want to be selected in ericsson you have to be very strong in technical..

As I am a ECE student the HR asked me question from networking,analog communication,digital communication,basic electronics etc.he asked me about my fab subject .

I replied that Microprocessor but he did not ask any single question from that subject.and the HR round was like that..

ME:May I come in sir??
hr:yes comein.

me:good evening sir..
hr:good evening..have a sit.
me:thank you sir..

hr:so bijayan tell about yourself..

hr:why Ericsson?

hr:what are you strength??

hr:suppose you and your four friend will selected for what extra efforts you can give for our company??
me:sir I am hardworking,a quick learner,adjustable and I have leadership quality..If you give the opportunati I will surely make you feel proud. I will give ma 100%..and my contribution will always there for successful growth of ericsson.
hr:tell me about your family background..
me:bla bla bla...

hr:where do you want to be placed??
me:sir to me work is more important than the place of work.and as i am a fresher i need lot of knowledge and i am ready to go any where ericsson willplaced me..

hr:do you know about the bond??
me:yes sir I know.I have no problem with it.

hr:do you have any questions?
me:yes sir..asked him two question and he replied..
me:thank you sir..

hr:ok bijayan your interview is over..
.me:thank you sir .have a nice day

The result was announced on 19th our campus 117 frm ece,cse,it students appeared..64 were selected in apti..40 in gd,26 for the interview..atlast they selected 20 students..and 9 from ECE.I was one of them..

I am very happy because i got a job in my core is world no 1 telecom service provider..i want to thank my mom my friends and most of all god. luck is one of the main factor in interview..most of all apti is very important and in ericsson time management is main factor there was no negative marking so try to attempt all friends prepare well and all the best hope we will meet in Ericsson.....