EMC Corporation Placement Paper Contributed by Nath updated on Jun 2019

                                                 EMC Corporation Placement Paper

1. which of the following responsible for memory management?
a. system hardware 
b. operating system
c. system software 
d. system program

2. which of the following is not a file access operation?
a. read 
b. write 
c. open 
d. rename

3. which of the following is not connected with revocation of access rights?
a. immediate 
b. delayed 
c. selective 
d. reactive

4. under which condition we have any process neither killed nor shared?
a. Mutual exclution 
b. no preemption 
c. circular wait 
d. hold and wait

5. which of following not a deadlock prevention technique?
a. Mutual exclution
b. no preemption 
c. bankers algorithm 
d. hold and wait

6. which of following dos commands finds errors a drive and fixes any problem it encounters?

7. In the _______ approach you can keep the address of first free block and number of free contiguous blocks that follow first block?
a. Counting 
b. linked list 
c. bit vector 
d. grouping

8. if computers are connected across a single cable this is called which type of topology?
a. star 
b. bus 
c. hierarchical 
d. mesh

9. mirroring uses which raid level?
a. 1 
b. 3 
c. 5 
d. 0

10. in which layers do error correction and detection happen?
a. layer 4,layer2 
b. layer 5,layer 1
c. layer2,layer 4 
d. layer1 ,layer 5

11. which of this protocols provides text connectionless communications that relies with upper layers of the OSI model for error correction?
a. TCP 
b. UDP 
c. SPX 
d. UDT

12. which protocol is used to automatically provide IP address to network computers?
a. DCHP 
b. DNS 
c. ARP 

13. which command listed below is equal to
a. ping 
b. ping host 
c. ping localhost 
d. ping winip

14. u use a cable modem to connect to internet. You u r connected with security and want to protect ur computer frm malicious attacks. What windows xp professional services should u use??
a. ICS 
b. ICF 
c. WINS 
d. Proxy server

15. what is name of cisco firewall software?
a. pix 
b. juniper 
c. checkpoint 
d. Nortel

16. which file will automatically mount all fo the NFS resources during the boot process?
a. /etc/mnttab 
b. /etc/vlstab 
c. etc/dfs/dfstab 
d. /etc/rmtab

17. which file system contains file for operating system?
a. /opt 
b. /usr 
c. /root 

18. which of following commands summarises disk usage in specified directory hierarchy?
a. df 
b. du 
c. bdf 
d. in

19. what r 2 major type of partitions available on a herd disk?
a. primary and virtual 
b. primary and secondary 
c. primary and extended 
d. primary and catche

20. ps/2 port is used in which of the following?
a. mouse only 
b.  keybord only 
c. mouse and keybord 
d. play station 2 console