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EIL free sample palcement papers,

1.A feeler gauge is used to check
a. Radius
b. Screw pitch
c. Surface roughness
d. Unsymmetrical shape
e. Thickness of clearance

2. Which one of the following methods produces gear by generating process
a. Hobbing
b. Casting
c. Punching
d. Milling
e. Broaching
Ans: a
3. An incompressible fluid (kinematic viscosity, 7.4 x 10-7 m2/s, specific gravity, 0.88) is held between two parallel plates. If the top plate is moved with a velocity of 0.5 m/s while the bottom one is held stationary, 
the fluid attains a linear velocity profile in the gap of 0.5 mm between these plates; the shear stress in Pascal's on the surface of top plate is

a) 0.651 x 10-3
b) 0.651
c) 6.51
c) 0.651 x 103

Answer : (B)

4. During a Morse test on a 4 cylinder engine, the following measurements of brake power were taken at constant speed.

All cylinders firing 3037 kW
Number 1 cylinder not firing 2102 kW
Number 2 cylinder not firing 2102 kW
Number 3 cylinder not firing 2100 kW
Number 4 cylinder not firing 2098 kW
The mechanical efficiency of the engine is
A) 91.53%
B) 85.07%
C) 81.07%
D) 61.22%

Answer : (C)
5. In terms of theoretical stress concentration factor (Kt) and fatigue stress concentration factor (Kf ), the notch sensitivity 'q' is expressed as

A) (Kf -1) (Kt -1)
B) (Kf -1) (Kt +1)
C) (Kt -1) (Kf -1)
D) (Kf +1) (Kt +1)

Answer : (A)

6.During the execution of a CNC part program block NO20 GO2 X45.0 Y25.0 R5.0 the type of tool motion will be

A) circular Interpolation — clockwise
B) circular Interpolation — counterclockwise
C) linear Interpolation
D) rapid feed

Answer : (A)

7.3 In an interchangeable assembly, shafts of size 25.000+0.040mm mate with holes of size 25.000+0.020 mm. The maximum possible clearance in the assembly will be

A) 10 microns
B) 20 microns
C) 30 microns
D) 60 microns

Answer : (D)

8.In PERT analysis a critical activity has

A) maximum Float
B) zero Float
C) maximum Cost
D) minimum Cost

Answer : (B)
9.11 The S-N curve for steel becomes asymptotic nearly at

A) 103 cycles
B) 104 cycles
C) 106 cycles
D) 109 cycles

Answer : (C)
10. The property of a material which enable it to resist fracture due to high impact loads is known as
a. Elasticity
b. Endurance
c. Strength
d. Toughness
e. Resilience

11. Spring index is
a. Ratio of coil diameter to wire diameter
b. Load required to produce unit deflection
c. Its capability of storing energy
d. Indication of quality of spring
e. Nothing

12. Metal in machining operation is removed by
a. Tearing chips
b. Distortion of metal
c. Shearing the metal across a zone
d. Cutting the metal across a zone
e. Pushing the metal with tool

13.Where does mixing of fuel and air takeplace in case of diesel engine ?
a. Injection pump
b. Injector
c. Engine cylinder
d. Inlet manifold.

14.Which one of the following is NOT a necessary assumption for the air-standard Otto cycle?

1)All processes are both internally as well as externally reversible.
2)Intake and exhaust processes are constant volume heat rejection processes.
3)The combustion process is a constant volume heat addition process.
4)The working fluid is an ideal gas with constant specific heats.

15.Internal gear cutting operation can be performed by 
2)shaping with rack cutter
3)shaping with pinion cutter

16.A solid circular shaft of diameter 100 mm is subjected to an axial stress of 50 MPa. It is further subjected to a torque of 10 kNm. The maximum principal stress experienced on the shaft is closest to

a)41 MPa
b)82 MPa
c)164 MPa
d)204 MPa

17.A uniform rigid rod of mass m = 1 kg and length L = 1 m is hinged at its centre and laterally supported at one end by a spring of spring constant k = 300 N/m. The natural frequency ?n in rad/s is

18.The torque transmitted by a clutch is given by
a) T = μWR
b) T = μ/WR
c) T = μW/R
d) T = 1/μWR

19.Propeller shaft is used for the purpose of
a) transmitting the drive from the transmission to the bevel pinion of the final drive
b) transmitting the drive from the crankshaft to the road wheels
c) transmitting the drive from the transmission to the road wheels
d) transmitting the drive from the crankshaft to the bevel pinion of the final drive

20.Double declutching is used for the engagement of gears in
a) sliding mesh type of gear box
b) constant mesh type of gear box
c) synchromesh type of gear box
d) none of the above

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21.The number of arms provided to the Cross of the Hook’s joint is
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

22.The number of spring loaded balls provided circumferentially in a synchromesh gear box is
a) 3
b) 4
c) 5
d) 6

23. Toughness of a material is equal to area under ____________ part of the stress-strain curve.
(a) Elastic 
(b) Plastic 
(c) Both 
(d) None

24. True stress-strain curve need to be corrected after
(a) Elastic limit 
(b) Yield limit 
(c) Tensile strength 
(d) no need to correct

25. Following condition represents onset of necking
(a) εu = n 
(b) εu = 1-n 
(c) εu = 1+n 
(d) εu = ln (1+n)

26. As compared with conventional stress-strain curve, the true stress-strain curve is
(a) Above and right 
(b) Below and right 
(c) Above and left 
(d) Below and left

27. According to distortion-energy criterion, yielding occurs when
(a) Distortion energy reaches a critical value
(b) Second invariant of the stress deviator exceeded some critical value
(c) Octahedral shear stress reaches a critical value
(d) All
28. von Mises and Tresca criteria give different yield stress for
(a) Uni-axial stress 
(b) Balanced bi-axial stress 
(c) Pure shear stress 
(d) All

29. Plastic deformation results from the following
(a) Slip 
(b) Twinning 
(c) Both 
(d) None

30. Time dependent recoverable deformation under load is called ____________ deformation.
(a) Elastic 
(b) Anelastic 
(c) Elastic after-effect 
(d) Visco-elastic

31.A spur gear has a module of 3 mm, number of teeth 16, a face width of 36 mm and a pressure angle of 20°. It is transmitting a power of 3 kW at 20 rev/s. Taking a velocity factor of 1.5, and a form factor of 0.3, 
the stress in the gear tooth is about

a)32 MPa
b)46 MPa
c)58 MPa
d)70 MPa

32. Which type of turbine is used in tydel power generation:
a) Kaplan
b) Fransis 
c) Pelton Wheel type
d) Reverse type.

33.Which of the following is an example of lever ?
a)A pair of scissors
b)crow bar
c)fire tong
d)all of the above

34.Which of the following forms the basis of rigid bodies and strength of materials ?

a)any of these
b)centre of gravity
c)moment of inertia

35.What is the velocity ratio of third system of pulleys ?
c)2^n - 1
d)2^n +1

36........... belts have the best pulling capacity.


37.Linear law of machines is given by the relation …
a)P=mW – C
b)P=mW + C
c)P=m^2W + C
d)P=mW^2 + C

38.A mechanism which enables the rotary motion of one shaft to another shaft at the same axis is called
a) gear box
b) differential
c) clutch
d) flywheel

39.In a vehicle, which is going straight ahead at N rpm, if the left wheel rotates forward at n rpm, then the resultant speed of the right wheel will be
a) N+n
b) N-n
c) N/n
d) Nn

40.The permanent reduction provided by the final drive in heavy vehicle is
a) 4:1
b) 6:1
c) 8:1
d) 10:1