Engineers India Limited Candidate-Experiences Contributed by Anirban Bhattacharya updated on May 2019

EIL Mechanical engineering questions with answers MT exam on October 10th 2013

Here EIL topic wises questions with answers placement papers .This is new latest placement papers questions topics EIL Industrial engineering, Strength of materials,Theory of machines,luid mechanics & machinery etc.., 


Hi friends, Iam Anirban... Mechanical branch.. I attended EIL MT 2013 at Nagpur..on 20.10.2013 .....I woud like to share the technical part with you all...

> The paper @ 1st look seemed very easy..?? but after thorough was vry tricky.. :)
> Questions 4m all topics were there was about basics, but in most questions..100% probability of making a mistake was there.. :( :)
> level of paper was good..not too easy..not too tough.. :)
>most questions were 4m RK Jain..but not all.. :) && also, sum questions are direct IES & GATE questions asked in previous years.. :)

Here is the complete list of questions topic-wise :-



I) Industrial engineering:-

1. Micromotion study involves how many fundamental motions(therbligs)? Ans-16/17/15/14


2. Scheduling gives info abt? Ans-wn work shud start & how much work shud b compltd during a period..


3. Product layout for? Ans-mass prodn.


4. Abc analysis feature? Ans-max. Attention to products which r less,bt more valuable in terms of money..


5. String diagram used in? Ans-motion study


6.In pert, critical activity has? Ans-zero float


7.In pert, negative float represents project z? Ans- beyond schedule/ahead schedule


8.Which inventory system keeps running record...& replenishes..? Ans-periodic system/eoq


9.In weaving operation,no. Of defects per 10 yards^2, which chart used? Ans- c-chart


Ii)Strength of materials:-


10.Long columns fail due to? Ans-buckling only


11.Find mohr's circle radius.. Stress1=100,stress2=50? Ans- r=25 ((100-50)/2)


12.Principal plane z dt where shear stress is? Ans-zero


13 .Angle of twist of shaft is inveresely related to shaft dia as? Ans-shaft dia^4


14. Spring stiffness series..? Ans-12


15. Energy absorbed during impact loading z? Ans-toughness/resilience


16. Poisson's ratio for ci? Ans-0.23-0.27


17 Numerical on slenderness ratio..l=100, d=5? Options-10/20/40/80


18.Rankine stress for ci is taken as? Ans-??


19.Numerical on thin cylinder..p,t & d given..find stress? Ans-??


20.Simply supported beam with udl? Ans-wl^2/16 or wl^2/8


21.Bmd for cantilever wd moment @ end? Ans-rectangle


22 A question on stress-strain where yielding to necking was an option?


23 Visco-elastic behavior is seen in? Ans-non-crystalline/rubber..


Iii)Theory of machines:-


24.Damping capacity represents? Ans- shock & vibration absorpn.


25.Strap end of connecting rod of steam engine joined by? Ans-gib & cotter joint


26.Four bar chain has? Ans- all turning pairs


27 Sensitiveness of governor z? Ans- range of speed/mean speed


28 For isochronous governor, graph z such dat? Ans-no intercept,passes thru origin


29 Governor z used for? Ans-speed control


30 Cam & follower question abt follower motion??


31.Force measurement in high power transmission shafts by which dynamometer? Ans- torsion dynamometer


32.In locos,l>>2r..why? Ans-minimise effect of sec. Forces


33.Degree of freedom of vibrating beam z? Ans-2/4/6..


Iv)Machine design:-


34.Rated life of bearing inversely varies as? Ans-load^3


35.When bolt is subjected to shock loading, breakage at? Ans-thread/shank


36.Lewis equation z used for? Ans-bending stress of gear tooth


37.For redn. Of 70:1,which gear? Ans-worm gear


38.Creep in belt z due to? Ans-unequal tensions on tight & slack sides


39.Wahl's stress factor z considered in springs for? Ans-curvature & stress conc.


40.Key connecting a flange coupling to shaft is likely to fail in? Ans-shear


41.Brakes used in railway carriages? Ans-shoe brake


42.Question on flat plate clutch?


43.When shaft uses gear for torque transmission, stresses induced are? Ans-constant torque & varying bm


V)Thermal engineering:-


44.Once-thru boilers have? Ans-no drum


45.Stefan boltzmann law applicable to? Ans-radiation


46.When dbt=wbt, select correct options..a)dpt reached,b)air fully saturated,c)humidity=100%,d)partial press.=total press..??? Ans-a&b/a,b,c/ac/abcd..


47.Numerical on solar absorptn system..4 temps. Gvn,max cop? Ans- 1.5


48.Brayton cycle with infinite intercooling & reheating approximates which cycle? Ans-ericcson cycle


49.Cycle used for refrigeration in aeroplanes? Ans-reversed brayton cycle or bell-coleman cycle


50.Choking of nozzle implies? Ans-max. Discharge


51.Presence of nitrogen oxides represents? Ans-incomplete combustion/more air

52.Clapeyron equation relates? V,p,h,t (option two options wr same :))

53.Human body feels comfortablw when metabolic heat z=? Ans-heat dissipated

54.Match d cycles question? (2 isothermal,2 adibatics-carnot; 2 isothermals,2 isochorics-stirling; 2 adiabatics, 2 isochorics-otto; 2 adibatics,2 isobarics-joule)

55.Decreasing knocking tendency in si engines arrangement question? Ans -paraffins>olefins>napthenes>aromatics

56.Steam rate z gvn by? Ans-kg/kwh

57.r-22 for temps. Below -30'c not recommended due to? Ans-??

58.Gas having -ve joule-thompson coffcnt when throttled vl bcum? Ans-warmer

59.Given two walls with k1 & k2, same thickness & area..then q1:q2? Ans-1:2

60.Volumetric efficiency depends on coolant temp. As? Ans-??

61.Otto cycle question..geometric mean of temperatures??



Vi)Metallurgy & production technology:-

63.Cermets are? Ans-ceramic+metals/ coated tool materials

64.Gibb's phase rule? Ans- f=c-p+2

65.Copper is ? Ans-vry difficlt 2b spot-welded

66.Amorphous material is? Ans-glass

67.Bainite is? Ans-cementite+ferrite

68.Fastest cooling rate is obtained in? Ans-air/water/brine

69.In carbides,binder used is? Ans-cobalt

70.In semi-conductors,electrons in outermost orbit? Ans-4

71.Most ductile materials have structure? Ans-fcc

72. Corrosion resistance provided by nickel and? Ans-chromium

73.Toughness given by? Nickel/vanadium

74.Hot/cold shortness of steel is due to? Ans-sulphur/phosphorus

75.Method of trapping impurities in sand casting? Ans-skim bob

76.Grey ci welded by? Ans-gas welding

77.In thermit welding,ratio of aluminium to iron oxide? Ans-1:3

78.Unit of x-ray? Options-cathode voltage/amperage/milliamperage/ev

79.Ndt for cracks in casting? Ans-ultrasonic test/radiography

80.Ndt based on capillary action? Ans-liquid penetrant test

81.Steel pipes & sumthing made by? Ans- centrifugal casting

82.Gear manufacturing question?

83.Which is not oblique cutting? Ans-boring/broaching/milling/turning

84.With diamond tool rake angle for machining aluminium? Ans-0 degree

85."knee " is a part of which of these machines ? A. Lathe & miller b.shaper & miller c.slotter & lathe d. None of these?? Ans-b

86.Non-conventional machining question?


Vii)fluid mechanics & machinery:- cavitation, fluid property involved is? Ans-vapour pressure

88.flow in which density changes? Ans-compressible flow

89.draft tube is used in? Impulse/pelton/francis/de laval.. Ans-francis multi-stage pumps, for high discharge,connection used is? Ans-parallel

91.numerical on pascal's law? impulse turbine,at entry to impeller,energy is? Ans-kinetic energy

93.question on fan & discharge?

94.laplace eqn. Question?

95.rotameter is used for? Ans-flow measurement

96.gauge press.=? Ans- abs. Press - atm. Press.

97.question based on reading scale in water? Ans-remains same

98.question based on force on curved surface immersed in liquid?

99.laminar flow when? Ans-re<2000

100.for neutral equilibrium, centre of gravity coincides with? Ans-centre of buoyancy