Engineers India Limited Candidate-Experiences Contributed by Anjali updated on Jun 2019

EIL Written Test and Tech HR Interview on Ocotber 20th 2013 in Banglore Candidates Experiences


Hello friends,

Today i.e. 20th Oct, 2013, have attended EIL MT (HR) exam at Banglore.

Exam was good.. basics only they have asked..

EIL Written Test Question pattern-

Total questions- 150 (Aptitude 50 and technical (HR)-100)

Few questions based on my memory.

1. Rajiv Gandhi award 2013
2. Olympics 2020 going to held in which country
3. World bank president
4. Direct tax
5. Kathakali dance is of which state
6. On 30th May, 2013 which country cancels the deal based on environment with GMR company of India
7. OPEC full form
8. RBI governor

13 questions were from GK.

1. Simple interest
2. Discount
3. Train prob
4. Distance and time
5. Direction
1 paragraph with 3 questions based on it.

Series questions

3 15 ? 63 99

10 17 24 31 38 ?

1 question from blood relation
A woman with a girl and pointing towards a photo and said ,”this lady is the mother of this girl whose father is my son” . how this woman is related to the photo lady.

EIL Technical questions (HR)
In HR straight questions had been asked which were mostly basics but twisted as answers were very close and bit difficult to select the best and correct answer out of the options.
Topics covered in HR are
1. Organization
2. Labor laws ( like this facility is from which act)
3. Performance appraisal
4. HR roles
5. Recruitment and selection
6. Around 30-35 questions are directly from labor acts
7. Compensation, wages etc

So what I felt is study basics and tries to understand the meaning of each and every sentence of hr. thorough knowledge is required.
Thank you!