ECIL Technical-Other Contributed by Aakash Yadav updated on Jun 2020
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                                               ECIL Written Test Paper


Placement paper of ECIL| Written Test Examination Questions with answers of ECIL -Electrical and Electronics question with answers

1.Microwave devices are best analyzed using …? 
a) h-parameter 

2.Bolometer is used to measure..? 

3.Routing occurs in which layer..?
a) Network
b)transport etc.

4.Beta rays are made up of 
d) protons

5.Light propagation in optical fibre uses total internal reflection 
a)core-cladding interface 
b)outer surface of claddin

6.Problems on opamp, one was find the V0 in the given non inverting configuration and other was summing ckt.

7.One problem on noise figure…? Given noise factor=3 (SNR)output=10dB find (SNR)input in dB

8.Power gain was given find voltage gain

9.Thermo electric cooling is based on…? 
Ans. Peltier effect

10.ZL and Z0 given find reflection coefficient

11.Gain of parabolic reflector antenna…..given frequency and aperture area

12.Laplace of coswt

13.Problem on successive approximation type adc

14.Resolution of adc

15.Given a four bit DAC, in which the bit b1 (b3 b2 b1 b0)next to LSB is freeze to 0 ,then which two date bits will result in the same output

16.G(s) given, find dc gain k

17.Zener ckt problem, find output voltage

18.Noise margin expression 

19.No. of 8k*8bit memory chips require for 12 address lines

20.Memory interfacing problem ending address given find the starting address

21.For JFET to operate in linear region Vgs should be..?

22.Voltmeter full scale deviation is 1000v for internal resistance 10k. what resistance to be add so that the full scale deviation wil be increase to 5000v ..? 

23.Two emf 1.5 v each having internal resistance 0.3ohm and 0.6ohm are connected in parallel to a load 0.8ohm. find total power dissipated

24Find circuit through a resistor….given ckt. Superposition theorem

25Major Disadvantages of FM is..?

26.Special diode made up of metal and semiconductor..? Schottkey

27.When two no. are multiplied in 2’s compliment form the answer will always in between..? 
a)0 to 255 
b)-255 to 0 
c)-56 to 
d) -64 to 56

28.Microwave owen consist of 
a) TWT and induction heating 
b)Magnetron and dielevtric heating

29.Mobility of electron….?
a)increases with temperature 
b)decreases with temperature 
c)independent of temperature 
d)increases as square of temperature 

30.Problem on PRF radar

31Waveguide acts as a …? 
A)low pass filter 
b)band pass filter 
c)band pass 
d)band reject

32.Simple c program p=5 q=6, p=q &q=p, find p=? q=?

33Transfer function is given = 1/(1+sT) find steady state error for ramp input. 
a)0 b)infinity c)T/2 d)T

34.Find Wn given C(s) and zeta value

35.Simple analog problem involving Vce and B of npn transistor in common emitter

36.Emitter follower is….a)unity gain amplifier