ECIL Technical-Electronics Contributed by D. Kumar Babu updated on May 2019

Dear Friends,

I have attended the ECIL written examination(GET - Electrical) on 26th December, 2010 at Hyderabad.
I would like to give you a brief idea of the examination paper pattern.

The paper consists of only 50 technical questions, 2 hours. No non-technical questions were given. A few questions which I remember. The paper is not that difficult.

1. Function of MOV(Metal Oxide Varistor)?

2. Special diode made of a metal & a semi-conductor?
(Options: Tunnel Diode, Sckottky diode, Varistor diode)

3. Ratio of Electric field strength (E) & magnetic field (B) gives?
(Options: Frequency, Speed, Current, Voltage)

4. Roll - Off Characteristics for a Filter depends on?
(Options: Order of the filter, type of the filter)

5. Amplifying Signal is carried by?
(Options: Triac, Transistor, Diode)

6. Problems on Rth, to find Voltage across a given parameter in simple ckts, etc?

7. Problem to det reactive power(Q) when Vs, Vr & X is given?

8. Only one (non-technical) basic question on C programme?

9. When Syn motor at no load?
(Options: Only Lag I, Only Leading I, Unity p.f, Lag/ lead depends on excitation)

10. Humble request: Kindly upload your examination experiences, so that it might help others. At least the no of questions given in each section.

Hope this might give you a brief idea. All the best!