DRDO-CEPTAM Aptitude-General Contributed by admin updated on Jan 2020
This piece of info in obtained from the DRDO SET exam conducted in Sept 2003. Still the questions is not yet  complete.          

General Pattern

-There are 2 sections:A and B                                                                      
-'A' section consists of technical questions relevant to your field[100 questions]                    
-'B' section consists of a mix of Analytical,Quantitative and General Knowledge questions[50 questions]
4 marks for correct answers and -1 for wrong answers

Section 'A' questions

1) Banker's algorithm is used for:Deadlock Avoidance
2) A LOT of questions were based on generating strings from a given grammar.                
3) A circle(dot) shown in the PCB is:Vcc/Grnd/Pin 1/Pin 14
4) Program Segment Prefix in MS-DOS 5.0 is:
5) Some IP addresses were given and the question was to select the private addess from it(?)
6) 10Base2 and 10Base5 wires refers to:
7) A question on sliding-window protocol
8) Which of the following require a driver?:disk/cache/ram/cpu
9) A LOT of mathematical questions which were asked from calculus,trigonometry...

Section 'B' questions

1) Coldest planet:Pluto
2) INS Shivali is the first:
3) Which one of the following was NOT indegineously developed?:Prithvi/Akash/Agni/...        
4) Full form of SARS
5) Anthrax is a :Virus/Bacteria/.../...
6) Dakshina Gangothri is:Ganga's origin/Indian camp @ antartica/.../...
7) Which of the following is a chemical weapon:Mustard Gas/Marsh Gas/.../...
8) A question based on Coding and Decoding
9) Another question similar to above
10) Question on series completion
11) Another series completion question
12) Where is Institute of Forensic Science?:Hyderabad
13) A G.K question based on X and Y chromosomes in males and females