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  CSC PAPER  ON 14th JULY 2006 AT  CSC NOIDA   friends , i m recently placed in CSC and i wana share questions wich i remember abt ppr, with u all   in written thy giv two tests:-
1) quant/aptitude/logical ppr 40ques in 40minutes
2) technical test 75question in 40min

it was a very tough test i hav given test of 6-7 companies but csc test was toughest
ther vr linear equations questions wich vr not at all easy
questions on sets
-permutaion combination
-arrangement logical ques
- distance speed ques
- time question

APTITUDE/QUANT/LOGICAL TEST QUESTIONS -ques like 90% of 1 litree milk and 60% of 40 litre water result in 67% mixture so wht is compostion of milk in litres?

-ques like f has pririty over h and g has priortiy over i so now 4-5 ques based on this

-length is increased by 5 and breadth is decreased ny 10 thn total is 200m and whn length decreasd by 5 and breadth increasd by 15 thn total is 75 m, fing length

-a>b>c so wich is tru
ab>ac or a/b>b/c or som more options

-6 girls and 6 boys, all boys and all girls will sit together so no of possible ways

- cow is tied with rope from two sides 40 40 cm and forming an angle 24degree size of rope is 15cm so how much area in wich cow can graze

-7 orange and 5 apples cost 16.90 rs and 5 oranges and 7 apples cost 2.60 so no of oranges

-ther is a place wher ppl r either no or yes. if ram sain 2and 2 makes four thn he is yes and similarly if mohan said 2 -1 is 2 thn he is no. so now ques based on this

- paragraph given and u hav to conlude or find contradicting line

and rest all questions vr very tough so i dont remember thm at all 

technical ques
-c c++ 

- wht is piggybanking used for (acknowledgement)

- wht combines router and bridge

- tcp/ip is wht conection oriented or conectionless

- X.25 protcol is at wich layer

- wht is superkey (primarykey+attribute)

- wich join will u use to hav null values (outer)

- query was given find join type
select and and name from customer, order
where (natural join)

- wich follow binary tree property

- som code of java given find no of dangling pointers

- linked list a->b and b pt to itself so wht type of linked list (infinite)

- which line is wrong abt linked list
(circular list can be only implemented in doubly linked list)

- os question on context switch and sytem call

- microporcesor ques like result of 2 input , 1 o/p line and three annd gates is (nand)

- which gate need to combine with or gate to make nand gate

- transfer RO to local and local to RO and shift RO 3 timed thn local to RO so result is

- some instruction were given and u hav to find resultanf values of flags

- some instrcution was given find output shift 2 times right to 80008ff

- atomicity definiton was given and u hav to tell wich property it is(atomicity)

- questions vr given fill in the balnks three places (placemnt,replacemnt,replacment) order was correct

- wich normal from shld be saticsy to hav bcnf and one more condition was given

- som ques of physics given resistance and volts use so u hav to tell output (low voltage or high voltage or??)

- wich sort take o(n^2) time

- some prog given outer fro loop from 1 to n and inner frm 1 to k so time is

-right output of preorder traversal som tree was given

- wht r abstract data types

- wht r steps of compiler (syntax, semantic,...)