CRPF English-Language Contributed by Loyal updated on Jun 2020
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CRPF English Practice Questions for Bank Exams

Directions : Of the four alternatives given under each sentence, find the one that best fits into the blank space.

 1.  A …..thief was caught by the police last night.           
(a)    Famous           
(b)   Popular           
(c)    Renowned           
(d)   Notorious

2. Despite her pleas, the mistress did not… her request.
(a)    Accede
(b)   Convince
(c)    Favour
(d)   Approve

3. The bank clerk tried to… from his friend’s account.


4. The figures were barely ….. in the dim light.


5. Giving to his sons the key to success, he slept a (an) ….. sleep.
6. The doctor gave the women a ….. to calm her down.
(c Antiseptic

7. The accused denied having committed the crime but could advance no sound arguments to ….. the charges.


8. He….. a lot over the pros and cons of the issue but could arrive at no fruitful result.
 (a)    Envisioned
(b)   Contemplated
(c)    Embodied
 (d)   Envisaged

9. We did not have the ….. idea of the problems involved in the work.

10. They are refugees in need of …..

11 Nobody can say what…..him to commit this crime.    
(a)    Excited    
(b)   Attracted    
(c)    Prompted    
(d)   Roused

12. Every human being in the developed country ….. over five pounds of solid wastes per day in various forms.

13. He wanted to help…..poverty.
(a) Diminish
(c) Dwindle
(d) Deplete

14. The annual…..of industrial products has risen enormously in recent years.

15. The speaker painted a….. picture of hunger in parts of India.
(a)    Poignant
(b)   Passionate
(c)    Parsimonious
(d)   Chimerical

16. “Mind your own business”, he said …..


17. Please do not ….. the offer made by the chairman.


18. At one point, it looked as if an area of agreement would ….. specially over the issue of productivity linked Wages.
(d)Come out

19. Even after a long discussion, the committee could not reach a ….. decision.

 20. If our friends are not able to take us in their car, we must make ….. arrangements to go to the airport.