CONCOR Question-Paper Contributed by Reena updated on Sep 2019

Model Question Paper - Written Test For The Post Of Management Trainee (Personnel & Administration)

Part I :All questions are Compulsory.

1. Explain the difference between Recruitment & Selection. 

2. Explain the concept of Social Security. 

3. Explain the concept of Collective Bargaining. Explain the dispute resolution machinery under Industrial Disputes Act, 1947.Explain the difference between Strikes and Lockouts.

4. How performance appraisal helps in creating a performance oriented culture

5. Write Short notes on any four. (5X4=20)
(i) Prohibition of Employment of Contract Labour
(ii) Employer’s liability for injury arising out of and in the course of employment.
(iii) Job Description and Job Specification
(iv) Notice of Change under Industrial Disputes Act, 1947.
(v) Career Planning & Development

6. Multiple Choice Questions. In the questions below choose any one option
(i) Which Act provides for the provision of Medical Benefit to the insured employees-
(a) Workmen Compensation Act, 1923
(b) Employees State Insurance Act, 1948
(c) Maternity Benefit Act, 1961
(d) Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition Act), 1970

(ii) The performance appraisal method which rates the appraisee on various
(a) Critical Incident Method 
(b) MBO Method
(c) Graphic Rating Sheet 
(d) Bell Curve Appraisal

Part II

(i) The road accident proved to be ______ (fateful, fatal)
(ii) He got a ________ opportunity to qualify in the test. (gold, golden)
(iii) Faridabad is an ______ city. (industrial, industrious)
(iv) An ashram is a ________ place. (quiet, quite)
(v) Sohan’s handwriting is _________ (eligible, illegible)
(vi) We should not disturb the ___________ of his mind. (piece, peace)
(vii) You should ____ an example to strengthen your viewpoint. (site, cite)
(viii) Akbar was an ______ to Humayun. (hair, heir)
(ix) Rajasthan is a well known ___________ (desert, dessert)
(x) The _______ turned me out of the class. (principle, principal).