Computer Associates Candidate-Experiences Contributed by Deekshit updated on Jun 2019


CA Technologies (Computer-Associates) Interview Experience




I have attended the Recruitment of CA Technologies(Computer-Associates) on 11-11-2014 which is held for freshers of 2015. The Selection Procedure is as follows. It consist of five rounds.


1. Written Test (Verbal,Logical andTechnical)


2. Technical Round Interview


3. HR Round Interview


4. Brand Round


5.Final Technical In Written Test


There are two tests continuously here.


a. General Written Test :  75 questions(65 minutes)


Which contains 5 sub parts.


i.Verbal : 10 Questions


This section contains questions from passage,finding mistakes in sentences,synonym for a word in a sentence,antonyms for a word in the sentence etc..


ii.Logical Ability : 20 Questions 


This section contains questions fromdeductions,number series,data interpretation are main but we may not expect the same type of questions every time better to prepare every type of topic in reasoning.


iii.Quantitative Ability : 10 Questions


This section contains questions from boats and streams,Speed and distance,etc.


iv.Basic Questions on Computer : 10 questions


Questions related to i/o,Assembly language flag registers, and these are very basic questions


v.Technical Related C++/JAVA : 25 questions


Here the Questions are based on C++/JAVA what ever you choose In Programming


b) Program Statements (30 minutes)  


In this section they will give two programs you need to write the code for them in any 2 languages of (C/C++/JAVA) for the 2 programms.


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