Novell Whole-Testpaper Contributed by Not specified updated on May 2019

 Novell Sample Test paper
  Paper consist of 

OS : 10 Q  C  : 10 Q C++:10 Q Java : 10 Q

  OS is  compulsory and you can choose any one of these three language

 C++ Questions

If there is one class template which has one static member variable  that static variable will belong to 
a) Every instance of class template will share the same copy of static variable
b) Every instance of class template will have its own copy of static variable.
c) Compilation error
d) Don't remember.

What is template specialization ???
a) define a new template class for a specific data type.

How we will overload operator *+= such that
obj1 *+= obj2;  
  implies that 
four choice were there last option was d) it is not possible I checked that option.

In C++ what does the operator overloading means.
  a) Giving new meaning to existing C++ operators
  b) defining functionality of existing C++ operator for user define objects.
  c) defining new operators.
  d) don't remember.

 what is '>>' in C++
  a) right shift operator and insertion operator depend upon the use
  b) right shift operator and extraction operator depend upon the context use
  c) right shift operator and insertion/extraction operator depend upon the use

class A
  int a ,b;
  A() : a(0)
  if you create obj of this class as A obj;
a) b will be initialized before a 
b) a will be initialized before b
c) both will be initialized together
d) none of these.

OS Question  (All OS questions were based on basics of UNIX all small -2 commands.)

How image of one process can be replaced by other process 
 a) exec

How image of one process can be copied to new born process
 a) fork

How can you list all the files used by a particular process 

How do u create a link of file 

C Questions 

int main()
  char *a= "Novell";
  char *b;
  return 0;

 int main()