CEITR Placement Paper Contributed by Milan updated on May 2020
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                                                     CEITR Placement Paper

Java Objective Questions Answers 

1. Which class cannot be a subclass in java
a. abstract class
b. parent class
c. Final class
d. None of above

2. Can we declare abstract static method
a. Yes
b. No

3. Can we access private class outside the package
a. Yes
b. No

4. Why we use array as a parameter of main method
a. it is syntax
b. Can store multiple values
c. Both of above
d. None of above

5. Suspend thread can be revived by using
a. start() method
b. Suspend() method
c. resume() method
d. yield() method

6. Runnable is
a. Class
b. Method
d. Interface

7. Which collection class associates values witch keys, and orders the keys according to their natural order
a. java.util.HashSet
b. java.util.LinkedList
c. java.util.TreeMap
d. java.util.SortedSet

8. Which method is used to perform DML statements in JDBC
a. execute()
b. executeUpdate()
c. executeQuery()
d. None of above

9. Which of the following below are valid isolation levels in J2EE
c. Only A
d. Both A and B

10. Session beans are created by the client submitting the query to the database
a. True
b. False

11. Which metrhods are utilized to control the access to an object in multi threaded programming
a. Asynchronized methods
b. Synchronized methods
c. Serialized methods
d. None of above

12. In Runnable, many threads share the same object instance
a. True
b. False

13. Java beans have no types
a. True
b. False

14. Program which executes applet is known as
a. applet engine
b. virtual machine
c. JVM
d. None of above

15. Which statement is static and synchronized in JDBC API
a. executeQuery()
b. executeUpdate()
c. getConnection()
d. prepareCall()

16. The JDBC-ODBC bridge is
a. Multithreaded
b. Singlethreaded
c. Both of above
d. None of above

17. All raw data types should be read and uploaded to the database as an array of
a. int
b. char
c. bollean
d. byte

18. The class java.sql.Timestamp is associated with
a. java.util.Time
b. java.sql.Time
c. java.util.Date
d. None of above

19. Which of the following statements about arrays is syntactically wrong
a. arrayName[] p = new arrayName[5];
b. arrayName p[5];
c. arrayName[] p [];
d. arrayName p[][] = new arrayName[2][];

20. The Externizable interface extends the serializable interface
a. True
b. False

21. Converting a primitive type data into its corresponding wrapper class object instance is called
a. boxing
b. wrapping
c. instantiation
d. autoboxing

22. Package of drawstring() method is
a. java.applet
b. java.io
c. javax.swing
d. java.awt

23. Which method executes only once
a. start() method
b. init() method
c. stop() method
d. destroy() method

24. Object which can store group of other objects is called
a. Collection object
b. Java object
c. Package
d. Wrapper

25. All collection classes are available in
a. java.io package
b. java.lang package
c. java.awt package
d. java.util package

26. Thread class is available in
a. java.io package
b. java.lang package
c. java.awt package
java.util package

27. Minimum threads in a program are
a. 1
b. 2
c. 5
d. Many

28. JIT meaning
a. java in time
b. just in time
c. join in time
d. none of above

29. After the compilation of the java source code, which file is created by the JVM
a. .class
b. .java
c. .cdr
d. .doc

30. pow () is associated with which class
a. Math class
b. Input stream class
c. Object class
d. None of above