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BSNL GE JTO-Recruitment Examination  

 Test Paper -VIII

 When a inductive coil connected to a 200 V, 50Hz ac supply with 10A current flowing through it dissipates 1000 watts then which of the following will have least value in ohms-

a.) Resistance

b.)  Reactance

c.) Impedance

d.) None


 Oscillator crystal are made of –

a.) Silicon

b.) Germanium

c.) Quartz

d.) None

 For small size, high frequency coils, the most common core material is-

a. )Air

b. )Ferrite

c.) Powdered ion

d.) Steel

 If we have a parallel plate capacitor of plate area 'A' and plate separatoin t and having a capacity C and a metallic plate r of area A and of negligible thickness is introduced in the capacitor at a distance   from either of the two plates as shown in the given figure then the capacity of the capacitor will become –


b.) C

c.) 2C

d.) 4C

 A superconductor is a –

a.) A material showing perfect conductivity and Meissner effect below a critical temperature

b.) A conductor having zero resistance

c.) A perfect conductor with highest di-magnetic susceptibility

d.) A perfect conductor which becomes resistance when the current density through it exceeds a critical value


 When an inductor tunes at 200 KHz with 624 pF capacitor and at 600 KHz with 60.4 pF capacitor then the self capacitance of the inductor would be –

a) 8.05 pF

b) 10.05pF

c.) 16.01pF

d.) 20.01pF

 Sparking occur when a load is switched off because the circuit has high –

a.) Inductance

b.) Capacitance

c.) Resistance

d.) None

 Sparking between contacts can be reduced by inserting a –

a.) Resistance in the line

b.) Capacitor in series with contacts

c.) Capacitor in parallel with contacts

d.) None

 RF amplifier of an A.M. receiver is normally biased in –

a.) Class 'A'

b.) Class 'b'

c.) Class 'C'

d.) None

 The value of gate voltage for the operation of enhancement of only N channel MOSFET has to be –

a.) High positive

b.) High negative

c.) Low positive

d.) Zero

 The input gate current of a FET is –

a.) a few microamperes

b.) negligibly small

c.) a few milliamperes

d.) a few amperes

 In the following fig. with R = 30k, the value of current through 2 K resistor is –

a.) 25 mA

b.) 40 mA

c.) 25/16 mA

d.) 10 mA

 A step recovery diode –

a.) has on extremely short recovery time

b.) conducts equally well in both directions

c.) is mainly used as a harmonic generator

d.) is an ideal rectifiers of high frequency signals

 In order to get maximum undistorted output signal from CE amplifier with VCC 10V, the value of VCE (Q) should be approximately-

a.) 0.1V

b.) 5V

c.) 10V