Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd Candidate-Experiences Contributed by ANIL updated on Jun 2019




1) who is author of “my people my country ?
Ans - L. K. Adwani
2) Who is first women grand master in India ?
Ans - S. Vijay Laxmi. (it was not koneru humpy she is youngest GM not First GM)
3) Who is iron Man ?
Ans - Sardar Vallabhai Patel.
4) where was Round Table conference was held ?
Ans - London
5) The branch in which study regarding immunity was done ?
Ans - Immunology.
6) What is HiINIAN ?
Ans -Regarding Buddhas (Some thing like that )
7) There is a Map given shown “KERALA & MEGHALAYA” in that which crop is more asked ?
Ans - I think answer may be Coffee. There is a confusion with TEA.
8)" Which state not touch the boundary of “Myanmar ”
Ans - Mizoram.
9) Oldest I I T at ?
Ans - Kharagpur.
10) There is a question of ENGLISH sent. .I agree “with” the proposal given by you .
Ans is —- With ( May be )
11) Vitamin “C” found in ?
Ans - Orange & Lemon.
12) Radio Wave was invested by whom ?
Ans - See friend actual answer was “Markoni” but this was not option so correct option is ” Sir . Jagadish Chandra Bose .( Indian)
13) When is world telecom day ?
Ans - 17th May. recently
14) shimala agreement was between ?
Ans-India & Pakistan .
15) which gas is responsible for “Green house Effect”?
Ans- CO2 ( Carbon di oxide)
16)Who invested TV ?
Ans - Beard.
17) There is a 04 English sentence given and we need to choose correct one reg freance & french.
Ans — As per my knowledge is was ” French people live in France”
18) A bunch of island were known ?
Ans - I don't know please tell me .
19) The anytome of ………( I forgot the word )
Ans - Please tell me .
20) I still not remember the 20th question . This is my challenge to you friend please recall this question & answer of it
Best of luck .;…….!