Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited Whole-Testpaper Contributed by Abhinav updated on Aug 2019

Dear friends,

  These were the topics which were asked in BPCL exam. Total questions were 120.  First 60 questions included english (tough), then there were some gk questions which were very easy, and there after some figure questions which too were very easy. There after it was tedchnical. I'm writing some of the few question which I remember.

1) Nusselt no.   2) Nozzle- area in which suupersonic velocity occurs.   3) Joules law.   4) Numerical on carnot cycle.   5) Numerical on heat exchanger very tough(maybe inaproprite)   6) cg. of a sphere(3r/8)   7) Stress concentration factor is equal to   8) Numerical on EOQ.   9) Simple numerical on heat transfer of a plate.   10) Time of flight of a projectile.   11) Shaft simple torque equation question(gate question)   13) Question on honing   14) MRP stands for.   15) Now a days which type of engineering is used (concurrent engineering)   16) Adiabatic heat exchanger numerical   17) Unit power of turbine occurs when.   18) Numerical on compiler.   19) Function of encoder.   20) Back to back pn junction in which type of device.   21) Line defect is called as.   22) Kaplan turbine type   23) Coefficent of discharge of nozzle is determined by which ratio.