Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited Candidate-Experiences Contributed by Devika updated on May 2020
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Hi All,

  I had attended the written test for Management trainee BPCL (Electrical) on 22nd January, 2010. I wanted to give all future aspirants some information regarding the pattern followed in the test. So here it is.   Time duration: 2 hours Total questions: 120 out of which
                       -60 of general aptitude 
                       -60 of technical   The aptitude part is very easy, will give  the type of questions   * English section with fill in the blanks. Passage comprehension and sentence correction. Note, no anonym synonym parts   * Few question of logic deductions (all, some kinds), few on coding-decoding, few picture serieses, (didn't find many arithematic questions)   * General knowledge stuff, very simple ones actually, who one ICC world cup 20-20 in 2008, h20 stands for(!), biggest planet among jupiter, saturn, venus and earth, whose birthday is Teachers day, father of constitution, number of lions in ashoka stupa, who won oscar recently and the like. See simple ones.

In the tech part, again questions were easy if you are clear enough on the basics of Electrical machines, Control systems, Network, Power distribution and the lot.

Will list a few questions I remember.   1) Given a  capacitor with its capacitance and the value of voltage across, find the energy stored   2) To reduce cost of power generation,what should be done, increase/decrease diversity factor and  increase/decrease load factor.   3) SCR works in forward bias/ rev bias./both   4) An op-amp with a shunt resistor in inverting terminal and a diode across acts as a half wave rectifier/ full wave rect/log amplifier   5) Configuration of a 2 kb ROM with 512* 4 cells.   6) How many electrons flowing per sec constitute 1 amp current   7) Any quist plot was given with a curve to left of the plane is it stable/ marginaly stable/marginally unstable?   8) Given a maximum demand and connected load of a consumer, find demand factor   9) Principle of transformer   10) An electronic voltmeter has - transistor and sme other options.   11) What does Shmitt trigger generate.   12) What is the decisive factor for design of EHV. corona, switching voltage.   13) What is the max voltage on low tension and high tension respectively. 11 kv & 33 kv, 1 kv  & 66 kv.   14) For a chopper circuit to work..what is reqd forced commutation/natural commutation/both   15) Something abt JFET Q point. Is it bbased on drain resistance/ source resistance.   16) In a parallel resonant circuit, values of L and C are given, find value of R at 10Krad.   17) For a resonant circuit, admittance is max/ impedance is max/ impedance is reactive. Which is corrcet   18) To have max heating how shud  two identical coils be connected parallel/series   19) State equation for nth order system   20) Questions about an equation, was it underdamped or not   21) Given a transfer funtion, find its impulse input   22) For a unit feedback system, out put is nearly equal to input/nearly equal/.greater   23) Two system with tran function as g1 ans g2 connected in series, what is the net transfer fucntion g1*g2/g1 + g2?   24) How is reactive power generated at load centres. shunt capacitor, series capacitor, tap changing transformer   25) To measure power factor we use wattmeter/voltmeter/both ammeter and voltmeter.   26) What is the amount of resistor to be conected across ammeter to measure a current (i) Given its max rating n internal impedance   27) Question to find equivalent resistance on smth similar to wheatstone bridge   28) Simlar question of network abt voltage drops n all   29) Why is reactance less for a running motor   30) What happens to a running motor when fault occurs on one of the lines   31) What kind of relay is earth fault relay   32) Which results in a symm fault phase top phase fault, single phase fault, two phase fault.   So overall most of the questions are basic stuff. All you need to do is to prepare the core subjects well.   Good luck all of you.