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                                                 BEL Solved Paper

1. Rise time of an amplifier is defined as time required
a. To change from 0 to 100 % of its final value
b. To change from 0 to 50 % of its final value
c. To change from 10 to 90 % of its final value
d. To change from 10 to 100 % of its final value

2. High speed amplifier design emphasized on
a. Extremely small bandwidth
b. Very slow response
c. Unity gain bandwidth after 10 MHz
d. None of these

3. Tuned amplifier having the frequency range between
a. 150 KHz – 50 MHz
b. 100 Hz – 100 KHz
c. 100 KHz – 120 KHz
d. 50 MHz – 100 MHz

4. The resonance frequency of a tuned circuit made up of R, L, C is given by
a. 1/2 pÖLC
b. 2 pÖLC
c. 2 p / ÖLC
d. ÖLC / 2

5. The voltage follower can be obtained using operational amplifier
a. Without any feedback
b. Series parallel feedback of unity
c. Parallel feedback
d. Series feedback

6. Fidelity of the amplifier is when
a. It is a linear amplifier
b. It does not add or subtract any spectral components
c. It amplifier each component by the same amount
d. All of the above

7. What would be the output when two input sine waves of frequency 50 KHz and 100 KHz passed through an amplifier in the medium signal
a. 50 KHz and 100 KHz
b. 100 KHz and 200 KHz
c. 50 KHz and 150 KHz
d. All of the above

8. The important application of Schmitt trigger is
a. To convert slowly varying input voltage to abrupt voltage change
b. To convert abruptly varying input voltage into slowly varying output
c. To change the frequency of the input
d. None of these

9. Meaning of decoding is
a. Binary addition
b. Data transmission
c. Demultiplexing
d. Storage of binary information

10. Approximately how many number of gates are incorporated in SSL chip
a. 12
b. 100
c. Excess of 100
d. Excess of 1000

11. The circuit diagram represents which one of the following
a. Half adder
b. Full adder
c. Exor gate
d. AND gate

12. Flip flop cannot be called as
a. Bistable multivibrator
b. 1 Bit memory unit
c. latch
d. combinational circuit

13. The important use of low pass filter in power supply is
a. To get the regulation in the output voltage
b. To filter out the ripple frequency
c. To increase the current rating
d. To convert AC into DC

14. Binary equivalent of the decimal number 145 is
a. 10010001
b. 1001011
c. 1010001
d. 1100010

15. In which of the following gate the output will be high when all the maintained at high level
a. NOR
b. AND

16. Which of the following definition is true in the De Morgan’s theorem
a. Multiplication symbols are replaced by addition symbol
b. Addition symbols are replaced by Multiplication symbol
c. Each of the terms are expressed in the complementary form
d. All of the above

17. 8421/BCD code fro a decimal number 149 is
a. 0001 0100 1001
b. 10010101
c. 10101001
d. None of these

18. Combinational circuit are mainly characterized by
a. Output depends upon the previous state & presents state
b. Output depends upon the input at that particular instant
c. Output depends upon the presents state & the clock state
d. Output does not depends upon the input at all

19. A flip flop is defined as
a. A bistable device with two complementary outputs
b. It is memory element
c. It will respond to input and it is a basic memory element
d. All of the above

20. Four bit code is called
a. Nibble
b. Byte
c. Word
d. Register