Bharat Electronics Interview Questions Contributed by Neha updated on Jun 2019

                            BEL Interview Questions - Electronics Engineering

Technical Interview Questions:

1.Questions related to project

2.Radars-the principle behind them, their uses,doppler effect.

3.Sky wave propagation

4.What is LAN?

5.What do you mean by cell in mobile communications

6.How does a multimeter work?

7.What is VSWR ?

8.What is CDMA?

9.What is difference between striplines and microstriplines?

10.What is the difference between isolator and circulator? can a circultor be used as an isolator?

11.Multipath propagation? other name of multipath propation? 

HR questions:

1.What do you use most-thank u/sorry

2.Why drop from IIT and join BEL?

3.What is your favourite hobby ?

4.Extra curricular activities

5. Your strengths?