Bharat Electronics Candidate-Experiences Contributed by shekar updated on Oct 2019



Hello friends, I’m Shekar
1.      Data interpretation containing bar and pie chart in one question.
2.      What is p.m and gain margin for stability-positive or negative?
3.      Tunnel diode is a heavily doped p-n junction diode.
4.      What is the dual of parallel r-c n/w.
5.      Relationship puzzle.
6.      Find phase crossover frequency when g(s)h(s) is given.
7.      Question from pattern of radiation of different antenna.
8.      The e. m wave varies as distance.-1/r,1/r2.
9.      A transfer function having pole at right side is non-minimum phase system.
10.  Proportional derivative controlled system has high sensitivity.
11.  Lapalce transform of 1-10e-st.
12.  Integration of cos2t dt.
13.  The no. of samples for a convolution x(n),y(n) having x(n) of length 5 and y(n) of length 6.
14.  State space representation find transfer matrix given a liner eq.
15.  The value of carrier power when total power =10kw,m=0.6.
16.  Superposition theorem is used for I,v,p..
17.  Given a fm eq in standard form find frequency deviation.
18.  The source of microwaves is klystron, impatt, twt, and magnetron.
19.  Question on formulas of a-d and d-a converter.
20.  In a squarer if 4 bit data is squared then the no of data lines and address lines are
21.  Given a g(s) h(s) what is the no of zeros at infinity.
22.  For a two ckt abcd parameter are given find the abcd parameter of cascaded ckt.
23.  Question from transducer on tooth rotor.
24.  Question on rubidium laser for its excitation.
25.  Question from management point of view.
26.  One easy puzzle of six rows one upon each other.
27.  If a charge is at 002 and at 00-2 then electric field is in the direction of
28.  The no. Of nand gate to implement a+ (nota) b+a (notb) c.
      Thank you and best of luck
      Shekar Chincholi