BARC Interview Questions Contributed by Chandru updated on Jun 2019

                                              BARC Interview Questions

1. Tell me about yourself

2. What are your strenghts? 

3. Describe about your academic projects

4. What is prestress concrete.What will be the profile of the tendon in a beam subjected to UDL. And also for concentrated load?

5. What is buckling and why is occurs?

6. What are temperature stresses? Will there be any stress if bar is subjected to change in temperature.(on this I asked a counter question).

7. If two bars one of copper and other of steel are joined together and are subjected to temperature change which one will be under tension and which one will be under compression.Is this a statically determinant or indeterminant problem.Write the equation to find stress in the bars. 

8. How to transfer fluid from lower position to higher without using pump?? 

9. Average height of the waves produced in the water tank while filling the water?

10. What are the stresses acting on the bottle filed with water?.(A water bottle was kept on the table.)

11. Derive the formulas for them.

12. Draw the stress strain curve for concrete as used in limit state method of design with all the parameters.