BARC Interview Experience Contributed by Raj updated on May 2019

Hai all !!! I attended BARC interview.I completed B.Tech in Computer Science .My turn was 3rd for interview and there were two rooms. So it became 2nd for 1st interview room.Finally my turn came. It was around 11:38 am. I entered the room and what i saw is there was an elliptical table, 7 experienced people had sat around that. Some of the interview questions are as follows:

1. How are you ?
2. Where are you staying in Mumbai right now?
3. From which college you completed your B. Tech?
4. Have you any job right now?
5. Tell me your favorite subjects.
6. Which compiler did you use for c programming and which version?
7. Which shortcut is used for compiling and running the program on this?
8. Can you explain the process of compilation?
9. What is data structure?
10. Name the data structure you knew so far and tell the use of everyone.
11. How can you use the stack to reverse the string? Can you write the program for that?
12 .Explain what happens when we press power button of our computer i.e. which process executes. 
13 .What is semaphore?
14. What are the conditions of deadlock?
15. Can you explain Banker’s Algorithm?
16. What are the advantages of DBMS?
17. How consistency and non-redundancy is ensured by DBMS?(Normalization)
18. What is the role of DBA?
19. Name the layers of OSI layer and explain the function of each layer.
20. What are repeaters, switches, bridges, routers, gateways?
21. What is CSMA/CD?
22. What is the distance vector routing?

Here, my interview ended. I was told to go now.