Aricent Previous Years Questions with answers and Written test pattern


The recruitment procedure was

1. Written Test

2. Group Discussion

3. Tech and HR


1. Written Test

1.Online Written test

Sectional cutoff is present. Written is the major elimination round. In my case out of 600 only 60 are taken out from the written

SEC 1: English (25 Ques - 25 min) -- Meanings, opposites, Passages, sentence ordering etc.

SEC 2: Aptitude (25 Ques - 35 min) -- logarithms, work, distance, discount, profit & loss, Interests etc.

SEC 3: Programming (25 Ques - 25 min) --  C and Data structures

SEC 4: Logical (25 Ques - 35 min) -- Passages, coding, blood relations etc.


 SEC 1: English (25 Ques - 25 min) -- Meanings, opposites, Passages, sentence ordering etc.

 “Leave it.”

Kelsey could not begin to fathom what she was hearing. In fact, a partof her began to feel she was in some sort of dream, unable to emerge to wakefulness.

Even the contractor appeared flabbergasted. His mouth stayed in a half-open  position, like a marionette waiting for its strings to be tugged.

“Yes. Leave it,” Robert said again, speaking to the notion that someone in the room had asked him to clarify his words. No one had, but Robert understood the  silence.

What were the chances that an Indian burial ground would be found on the bucolic site where Robert and Kelsey had chosen to build their dream home? Why in the world would Robert not want to have the remains carted away, thought Kelsey. The last thing they needed were Indian poltergeists meandering around their home while the two of them were trying to renovate their marriage.

Kelsey, usually deferential to her husband, knew that now was the time to make her position heard.

She tried to cajole Robert away from the direction he was heading. “Sweetheart,” she cooed. “We don’t want to build on a site with human remains. It would be irreverent to the dead.”

Immediately, she saw contempt in Robert’s eyes; it was a subtle reminder of how he often viewed her as superficial and self-absorbed.“What would be irreverent,” said Robert, his voice dripping with condescension, “would be to desecrate these Native graves and move them from their final resting place. Remember the culture.”

No, Kelsey did not “remember the culture.” She could not care less about the culture. However, Robert, the history professor, was obviously enthralled by the contractor’s findings. He had an innate way of understanding other cultures and other people that amazed Kelsey. He did not have that gift with her.

But something inside Kelsey said this was too much. She believed wholeheartedly in ghosts and could not imagine a life of them haunting her, rattling her cupboards, and shaking her floorboards.

Kelsey had an unnerving sensation that problems were ahead.Questions:

1  Which of the following best explains how Kelsey feels at the beginning of  the story?

A. unable to comprehend the current situation

B. unable to comprehend the decision of her husband

C. unaware of the problem at hand

D. unwilling to confront a potentially life-threatening ordeal


2 As used at the beginning of the story, which is the best synonymfor flabbergasted?

A. dumbfounded

B. hostile

C. querulous

D. unimpressed


3 In paragraph 2, the author writes, “His mouth stayed in a half-open position, like a marionette waiting for its strings to be tugged.” Which of the following literary techniques is used in this quotation?

A. allusion, characterized by a casual reference to a literary or historical figure

B. simile, characterized by a comparison between two unlike things using “like” or “as”

C. denotation, characterized by the usage of the literal definition of a word

D. hyperbole, characterized by a gross exaggeration


 4 The title of this passage makes use of which literary device?