Accenture Candidate-Experiences Contributed by KAMLESH updated on Apr 2019
hi to all. well i m student of mumbai university and doing my graduation in EXTC branch. we had a joint placement of ACCENTURE at Thakur college where about 18 colleges had participated, all about 2520 student gave the aptitude test.   the entire process had 4 rounds and were held on two days. on first day we had aptitude and group discussion. In apti 750 students were selected and then we had our g.d.. the aptitude paper was ok and it consisted of english, quantative and reasoning section. english paper had normal question on articles and synonyms. there were two R.C.s and were on RAID and PROTOCOLS. they were a bit tough.   quant and reasoning were very easy except there was a prob on cube which other people found tough. well best thing is that there is no sectional cutoffs so  u can boost ur marks in other section if u r  not excellent in ENGLISH. they ask u to write an essay  also in last ten min. i had EDUCATION IN INDIA as my topic which was pretty nice and easy to write on.   in group disc they only look for ur communication skills and the way u carry urself .  U must maintain eye-contact with group and dont just stare at HR. they rejected few people through gd, but those were bad in communication. guys u feel that u are bad in communication plz dont hesitate, just say something with confidence its easy else u might loose the chance.   my third round was tech interview. the interviewer asked me following questions..................   1. college name and branch  2. since i have 78.87% in elextronic and telecom branch, he asked why do want to join accenture? though it was not a hr round. 3. then he extended the question to IT FIELD selection over telecom. i answered all. 4. he asked me que on polymorphism, function overloading and overriding and on inheritence too. i could answered them best. then he asked me to ask any que to him, i asked him regarding job profile.  finally i was selected.   last round was HR which was easier than tech i suppose. they asked me very easy questions. but plz go through from all information about ACCENTURE. people were rejected for that too. get info on their past, market, fields of operation,employees and also reagardiing their slogan and logo. it will help u alot.   finally i got this job. plz go through from maximum papers as much as u can. though the paper will b different but will help u to improve speed and tech.   BEST OF LUCK.