Accenture Candidate-Experiences Contributed by Abishek Kumar updated on Apr 2019
Experience @ Accenture   It was 18th & 19th December 2010 on 18th it was written test. Written was very easy one 99.9% from our college cleared out.

On the next interview started. We had to wait in LT's.

There were two rounds for interview Technical and HR. When my call came I was having a deep sleep on my chair. My friends wake me up.   Some how I went inside after pouring  some water on my face.   She was a lady of 35 age group.

Good Evening mam

Int: Good Evening Abhishek how are you? Me: Good Evening Mam, I'm f9 mam.   I: Well abhishek what are your areas of interest? Me: Told   I: Ok what is binary search? Me: Told   I: What is different types of data structures? Me: Answered   I: What are different types of sorting techniques? Me: Answered   I: What do you know more? Me: Databases   I: What is relevance? Me: Sorry mam I am not recognising it right now.   I: What is priority scheduling? Me: Answered   I: Then she answered some ques from real time systems and 1 or two questions frm Data Mining (though it was not mentioned in my areas of interest). Me: I answered each question   I: Thanx abhishek do you want to ask any question from me? Me: Yes mam I am pretty unknown about Accenture, can you give a brief idea?   I: yeah I can speak whole day on Accenture please can you be specific? Me: I asked about the fields of work and current projects.   I: Answered   Any more question abhishek?   Me: No mam I: Ok All the best!   Result came out and I had been slected for HR round. Then we headed to another rum for HR round.   She was a girl of around 27-28 in age.   Me: May I come in mam. HR: Ofcourse come in.   Well Abhishek why do you wanna join Accenture? Me: Told some gud things about Accenture.   HR: Who told you about these things. Me: I referenced my seniors.   HR: What will you do if I select you? Me: I will be very happy and go for a party.   HR: hmmm very good.   What will you do I reject you?   Me: I'll try hard and will work on my weaknesses and will try next time. HR: Any preferd location for job?   Me: No I am pretty adaptable. HR: Do you wanna ask ne question from me?   Me: Asked about the work culture of Accenture. HR: She answered.   Any more question? Me: No mam   HR: All the best Abhishek.
Me: Thank you mam.   I was waiting outside for my friend then the person came out who was having my profile and result I asked him about my result he shown me the result sheet and in front of my name it was marked S and written selected.   I was very happy and went for party :P   Around 250 student got selected finally out of 300 appeared.