Accenture Candidate-Experiences Contributed by Audrey Gomes updated on Apr 2019

ACCENTURE PAPER ON 3rd MARCH AT MANGALORE                                                

hi frenz...i got placed in accenture on 3rd march 2007..and i'm really happy and excited!! let me tell u how it was..and how u got to prepare for it...there were 4 rounds-

1. written test
2. group discussion
3. HR
4. Technical

For the written test its enuf  if u go thru R.S Aggarwal..there were 55 questions and only 60 mins..time management is imp. was divided into 3 parts -numerical ability, verbal ability and attention to was quite easy.. we had to write an essay too..on the topic IT industry in India..

the results were announced in a hour..and abt 98 cleared the was the G.D..topic given to us was red and green :).. HR and technical interview was cool..they just asked questions like- tel me somethin abt urself...what do u kno abt accenture.. etc etc..find out as much as possible abt the wil help a lot..

everythin went well..and finally after waitin for abt 3 hrs the results were announced at 9 pm and i was one of the 21 candidates who got people all i hav to say confident..never lose hope..

god knows whats best for be cool..hav a bright future..all the best !!!

Audrey Gomes