Accenture Aptitude-General Contributed by Yasha Aluru updated on May 2019

Accenture placements at G. Narayanamma College.

Accenture written test pattern
* AMCAT Test Module   * No negative marks


Number of Questions

Time Allowed



25 minutes



35 minutes



30 minutes

Overall stats


90 minutes

 * Adaptive appearance of Questions: The level of difficulty of the question on-screen is a reflection of the performance in previous questions.

* The question on-screen has to be answered to proceed to the next question.

* A minimum of 15 questions must be solved per section and the remaining time will not be carried through.



Number of questions

Level of difficulty

Reading comprehension

2 sets with 4 questions each

6 easy

2 moderate

Fill in the blanks appropriately

4 questions



4 questions


Rearrangement of scrambled sentences

2 questions


Appropriate meaning of italicized word in sentence

2 questions



Time is a deciding factor in the aptitude section.

* Problems on HCF and LCM: 4 questions (easy)

E.g: The LCM of two numbers is ___ and their HCF is ___. The numbers are ___.

* Work- men problems: 3 questions (moderate)

E.g: 4 men can do a work in 10 days and 12 women can do the same in 12 days. In how many days can 3 women and 2 men finish the job?

* Train and pole problems:  2 questions (easy)

* Number systems:  6 problems (moderate - tough)

E.g: Number of digits in 240.

 - [k3-1]/[k3+1] series approximate value.

* Probability: 3 (moderate)

* Permutations and Combinations: 4 questions (moderate)

* Clocks and angles problems: 2 questions (moderate - tough)

* Heights and distances: 1 question (moderate - tough)

* Basic Geometry [Triangles]:  1 question (moderate - tough)


* Blood relations:  6 questions (easy)

* Direction problems: 5 questions (easy)

* Logical arrangement of words: 3 (moderate)

E.g:          Question:                   Options:

                A) Success                 A) ABCD

                B) Hard work               B) DCBA

                C) Obstacles               C) DABC

                D) Fame                     D) CBAD

* Number Series: 3 questions (easy)

E.g: 2 3 5 8 12 

* Coding and Decoding: 2 questions (easy)

E.g: Paraplegic is cigelparap. Then epileptic is _______.

* Arrangement of people: 4 questions (tough)

E.g: 8 people A, B, C, D, E, F, G went to a party. 3 of them are male and there were two couples.

* Odd man out: 1 question (easy)

On the whole, the paper was at fairly reasonable level of difficulty. The scores are calculated in percentile. 60 percentile will ensure safety from elimination.

Technical Interview:

The following kind of questions were asked in the technical interview.

* Tell me about yourself?

* Percentage in Academics?

* Project Details?

* Technical Skills (Basic programming skills in C, C++)

Communication skills can prove to be a good asset in the technical round. Students are promoted to the next rounds based on their communication skills rather than technical performance in the technical round.

HR interview: 

* Tell me about yourself?

* Why Accenture?

* Tell us your strengths and weaknesses?

* Why software?

* Career short term goals and long term goals?

Answer these questions or the likes successfully and you are in!

A total of 585 students appeared for the written test. 160 cleared the test and 138 students got placed.

Package: 3 lakhs per annum and postings will be made in June, 2011

for more details please do contact

Krishnavamsi. A 8801966060