Accenture Aptitude-General Contributed by pratik updated on May 2019


  It was  as off-campus for selected colleges by company.   Rounds :4               APTITUDE TEST             GD             TECH Interview              HR Interview   APTITUDE FORMAT:               Questions: 55             Time: 1 Hour             Essay wrinting: 10 mins   Aptitude paper:               It was catogerised in 3 parts. 1) VERBAL 2)MATHEMATICAL 3)ANALYTICAL   Division of marks:   1)Verbal: 20 marks 2)Mathematical : 20 marks 3)Analytical: 15 marks   Contents for sections:   1)Verbal:  --fill in the articles (a an the)                 --fill in appropriate word                 --meaning of word in italics                 --2 paragraphs   2)Mathematical:  --Qs on venn disgram                           -- Qs on age percentage PCE etc easy Qs   3)Analytical:  -- Qs on given criteria 5Q (i had for eligibilty of scholarship student should hav (i)60% in graduation (ii)90% in entrance(iii)2 yr work exp (iv)no gaps furhter 2 more criteria n Qs based upon that)                      --Qs on  similarity 5Q ( abcdefgh abdcefgh abcdefgh lik thse)                      --if * is /, /is +,+is -,-is* (find value of given Equation) 5Q   Later GD : You should perform well in Gd . Dont participate in fish market Gd tht would give negative impression .wait for your turn HR would ask u at end about ur views . Be clear n loud enough  and  use fluent n sound grammar.To the point view helps alot rahter than more talk on same view.   TECH ROUND:   Be prepared for what ever u hav given in RESUME. Any Qs on given topics can b asked. some students were asked about prime number code, if 3 is theeere in given number or not , types of joins.   HR round: DONT FAKE NETHING > NO GAS AT ALL  (strictly)   HR of accenture is really nice n cool conditionis that u should  b wht u r. prepare on resume  ,dont give ne fakes in resume as in about ur hobbies n likings. eg.if u r instru student n u hav written java as prime skill u will b drilled on it so better b prepared for odds. ACCENTURE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)   BEST OF LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS fresherworld for help!!!!!