Airports Authority of India -AAI Candidate-Experiences Contributed by john issac updated on Jun 2019

AAI-Air Port Authority of India Candidate Experience Sample Question Pattern of Junior Executive Exam 2012 , 120 Questions- 80 Technical,30 non technical and 10 GK Question with 1/3 Negative Mark


AAI  JE(Electronics) paper consists 120 questions (80 technical,40 non technical)


Most of technical questions are problem type,


Anlog electronis 10 BITs, signals 6-8 bits, EMTL 10 BITS, Microprocessor and microcontroller 8 bits, digital 5 bits, Microwave 6 bits, Computer networks 4 bits, Control systems 12-15 bits, network theory 5 bits..


This exam time factor decides as most bits are problem type.


G.K. as usual difficult 10 bits, reasoning 10 bits (5 bits i feel difficult),english 20 bits


wish u all the best .hope this will benefit for future aspirants.