Technical Interview Questions


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Hai friends I am Mr.raj from GMRIT , RAJAM .I have got selected for TCS in the day1 campus placement which on campus. I belong to the stream of electrical.
TCS recruitment process mainly consists of four rounds namely
1. written test
2. technical interview
3. MR interview
4. HR interview

Written test consists of three sections namely
1. quantitative aptitude
2. verbal
3. analytical

if you can refer old question papers from freshers world you can easily answer almost al the q’s in quant part. Even if you don’t refer also do it because they are very easy. for verbal you can refer high frequency words in GRE BARRONS twelth edition. For analytical you need to refer model test papers in GRE BARRONS twelth edition .if you can do it you other wise you just mug up. remember there  is no sectional cut off. and if save time in one section it will not be carried to the next section . in verbal section they mainly consetrate on synonyms ,antonyms ,paragraphs….etc.paragraphs are also mostly from GRE BARRONS twelth edition only.

To clear technical test you should be strong in basics in your respective discipline and you need to thourogh in basic c concepts and simple programes.the questions asked for me are as follows…
1. what is the differences between ac and dc machines 
2. what are equipments used in high power transmission
3. what is corona
4.what is the principal used in regulator of a fan
5.who can you convert ac to dc
6.explain any on one converter circuit
7.Write a c program to find no.of a’s in a given text

Fortunately in MR interview I have gone through personal interview.the questions are like this
1.tell me about family background and your education
2.what is your favourite subject
3.if you are given the job and good score in gate and a ceat in a reputed institute which one do you prefer you go for higher education
5.If you are given the job who many years are you going to stay at TCS you have any questions

Hr interview is very simple .the q’s mainly will be on your hobbies and resume

About 200 students were attended and 61 have cleared MR round and only 4 were eliminated in HR round. if you clear the first three rounds you have got 90% to be selected