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POLARIS campus selection in V.R.Siddhartha on 23/9/06 

the selection procedure is

1. Written test

2. Group Discussions

3. Interview (Tech+HR)

In this around 350 students r attended for written test, out of those 142 r selected for G.D , out of those 20 r selected for Interview, finally 6 r selected(i am one of those).

so u understood that G.D is the round where most of r eliminated.

Written test consists of 60 questions in 60 mins.

verbal (synnonims) --5

logical reasoning ---5

technical (c,c++,Microprocessor)--30

Arthematic --20

the test was very easy, but try to manage u r time, no sectional cutoff.


for each group 12-14 r there. just 2 mins to think, 10 mins for overall G.D.

topics r general . My topic is "How Literacy can be improved in INDIA"

out of 14 mems of my team ,he selected only 2(i think).

i focused on "Youth has to take initiative. along with other sources."


both HR & Tech r mixed. they r very cool. and asking basic questions.

mainly they r looking for Leadership qualities, Confidence.

so friends. show u r talents,express u r abilities. remember "Failures r the stepping stones for SUCCESS"

dont discourage, dont loose u r confidence .