India GK Quiz-3-General Knowledge Questions and Answers

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Indian Constitution General knowledge Questions and Answers 


1. Who was know as "Badshah khan?
Khan Abdul Gaffer Khan


2. Who demanded separate electrorates for Mahars in the first round table conference
B.R Ambedkar


3. Name the Gandhian ND-changer leader in Tamilnadu


4. Who was described as "Millowner,Merchant and Zamindar"?


5. Name the viceroy who felt that 'he was becoming a sort of Mussolini in India'?
Lord willingdon


6. Who established his headquarters at Tiruchengode Asrama in salem district in 1925?
C. Rajagopalachari


7. Name the viceroy who made the August offer in 1940?
Lord Linlithgow


8. Name the author of the book, "Transfer of Power in India"?


9. Name the secretary of state for India during the Quit India movement?
Leo Amery


10. Which was the illegal socialist leaflet that was circulated during the Quit India movement?
The freedom struggle front


11. The Bombay plan was drawn up in


12. The Azad Hind Government was announce by Subhash Chandra Bose in:


13. The "Adhikari Thesis" on Pakistan of 1942 was adoped by
The Communist Party of India


14. Who headed the Shimla delegation to the Viceroy, Lord Wavell?
Maulana Abulkalam Azad


15. 'For the Final Bid of for power' was the pamphlet of :


16. The 'Noakhali day was observed on
25 October 1946


17. Who founded the Indian Association of Calcutta in 1876?
Surendranath Banerjee


18. The tansfer of the capital from Calcutta to Delhi was announced in :


19. Who was the first woman president of the Indian National Congress?
Mrs. Annie Besant


20. Name the paper started by Bipin Chandra Pal in 1906?
Vande mataran