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Current Affairs - October 2019-8th October

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  • 1948 World’s first internal pacemaker implanted
  • 1919 World’s first transcontinental air race
  • 1871 Great Chicago fire begins


India slips to 68th on Global Competitiveness Index; Singapore on top

India needs to invest in its foundations to attract foreign investors 

Cabinet hikes dearness allowance by 5% for government employees



  • India, France to deepen defense ties; agree to combat terrorism
  • Moving quickly ahead on the administration's advantage monetization drive, the National Highways Authority of India has welcomed recommendations from offices to ponder and recognize a stock of street extends that can be monetized to meet its non-budgetary subsidizing prerequisite throughout the following couple of years. 
  • Back Admiral Mohit Gupta, leader of the recently made Defense Cyber Agency (DCA),said on Thursday that the nation needs a different law, budgetary designation, and a team to handle digital wrongdoing at the national level. 


  • Consumer-grade 3D printers have grown in popularity in recent years, but the particles emitted from such devices can negatively impact indoor air quality and have the potential to harm respiratory health.
  • An almost 20-year-long investigation has demonstrated a yearly increment in the number of plant species within fragments after some time, and a drop in the quantity of species vanishing from them totally.



  • Iran frees detained Russian journalist - Russian embassy
  • A gunman who denounced Jews opened fire outside a German synagogue on the holiest day of the Jewish year and killed two people as he live-streamed his attack.
  • Venezuelans urgently investigated piracy workarounds on Tuesday to keep utilizing Adobe programs after the product designer said it will cut access to its items for the nation's clients, referring to U.S. sanctions.


  • The paintings in the Ajanta and Ellora caves are indicative of the development of art under the Chalukyas
  • Drupad Dhamar style of singing was started by Amir Khusro
  • Boat races are a special occasion at Onam