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Current Affairs - October 2019-4th October 2019

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  • 1895 - First US Open for Golf
  • 1582 - Last day of the Julian Calendar in Catholic countries
  • 1957 - World's first artificial satellite launched




  • The onion traders of Maharashtra are threatening to boycott and keep their markets closed by October 7 due to a sudden decrease in onion prices.
  • The Reserve Bank Of India is planning to deliver a fifth straight interest rate cut, although the economists are really unsure of this due to an unconventional 35 basis point easing last time.
  • The US said that neither Indian nor American government is going to agree on a trade in five minutes but it does not see any structural reason which might stop both the nations to have a trade agreement in the near future.
  • Pakistan used the threat of nuclear weapons to deter India from punishing terrorists hiding across the border, but that changed after the surgical strikes and the Balakot airstrikes




  • Defense Minister Rajnath Singh will fly a sortie ( a small aircraft mainly used to go over enemy lines to bomb them) on a 36 Rafale aircraft in France on October 8, defense sources said here on Thursday.
  • The locals in the Hiranagar sector of Kathua in Jammu and Kashmir are really scared to lead their lives as they see bullets from Pakistan cross borders whizzing past them.




  • Prime minister Modi said that plastic wastes are going to be a big issue in the future and because of this; agriculture farms are going to be wastelands.
  • Veterinarians have harvested eggs from the last two surviving northern white rhinos and because of that, they’re able to save these animals from extinction.
  • India has installed 10 billion LED streetlights and it saved 9 billion units of power and 6 mt of CO2 emission.




  • Pakistan's religious party announces Azadi March from October 27 to drive out the Imran Khan government.
  • British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will present his new Brexit plan which contains major changes to the proposed arrangements that would regulate trade between Ireland and Northern Ireland after Brexit.




  • For Buddhists, their Sacred books are called as Tripitakas.
  • The system of competitive examination for civil service was accepted in principle in the year 1853.
  • The swaraj party was formed by CR Das.