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Logarithm-Logarithms- Keynotes

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     Logarithms  Aptitude basics, practice questions, answers and explanations 
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1.If x,a and m are any three numbers connected by the relation:

m=a    (a>0, a≠1),then,

“x” is defined as the logarithm of “m” to the base “a” and is written as:

x= loga m

2.Some important results:

(a) m =a log am

(b) x =log a (ax)

(c) log a 1 = 0

3.Some important theorems:

(a) log a (mn) = log a m + log a n

(b) log a (m/n) = log a m – log a n

(c) log a (mn) = n. log a m

(d) log a m = (log b m) / (log b a) ……. Change of base theorem

(e) log a a  = 1

(f) log a b * log b a = 1