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Current Affairs - January 2020-CURRENT AFFAIRS

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1st Jan 2020


  • 1999 The Euro becomes the official currency in 11 countries
  • 1993 Czechoslovakia is dissolved
  • 1912 Republic of China is founded


  • India commences the world’s largest-ever vaccination program to control FMD and Brucellosis. The program aims to give vaccination to 100% cattle, buffalo, sheep, goat and pig population for FMD and 100% bovine female calves of 4-8 months of age for brucellosis.


  • Reliance starts kirana-led retail venture Jio Mart. The initial test-market for the platform is Kalyan, Navi Mumbai and Thane, and this will be scaled up nationally soon. Nirmala Sitharaman unveils ?102 lakh crore worth infra projects for next 5 years


  • CAD narrows to 0.9% of GDP in July-Sept on lower trade deficit: RBI. India's current account deficit excess of imports over exports contracted to 0.9 per cent of its GDP for the quarter ended September 2019, compared to a deficit of 2.9 per cent of GDP, in the same period of year ago as the trade deficit contracted due to slowdown in imports and lower oil prices.



  • India will launch Chandrayaan-3 in 2020, according to Union Minister Jitendra Singh, asserting that the mission cost will be less than Chandrayaan-2.