25 May Current Affairs

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  • 1969 The Boeing 747 flies for the first time
  • 1959 The world's first intercontinental ballistic missile becomes operational in the USSR
  • 1950 U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy launches his anti-communist campaign



  • India's fiscal gap one of the highest in emerging markets. Total government expenditure was equivalent to around 27.1 per cent of GDP while total government revenue was around 19.6 per cent of GDP in the last calendar year
  • SBI cuts MCLR by 5 bps across all tenors. The move is expected to further lower home and auto loan rates.  The bank also trimmed deposit rates sharply by 10-50 bps across various tenors.



  • Anil Ambani to pay $100 million in conditional order for Chinese banks: UK court. The Reliance Group indicated that it plans to appeal against the ruling, which will involve a process of seeking permission to appeal.



  • Latest solar probe to get first close up of the sun's polar regions. Mapping the suns poles could allow scientists for the first time to observe the concentrated source of solar wind a stream of plasma and charged particles that beam outward and sustains the solar systems protective outer bubble that breathes in and out in harmony with the solar wind.



  • Premier Badminton League | Chan-Won duo clinches it for Raptors. In men’s singles, World No. 39 Brice Leverdez of Raptors put his team back in the hunt, warding off a spirited challenge from the 21-year-old World No. 131 Mithun Manjunath, a trainee of the Prakash Padukone Academy.