Wipro Technologies Candidate-Experiences Contributed by Mr.silly billy updated on Nov 2019
Hi this is Mr.silly billy(nickname) from Heritage Institute of Technology(2006-2010) CSE Batch.We had a on campus of WIPRO TECHNOLOGIES on 22nd June,2010 at our college. Around 250 Students Participated & 66 are finaly Selected.
& i am one of them. :)

wipro Tech. has 3 tier selection process-

1. ONLINE APTITUDE(important only for appti round) & ESSAY WRITING(this is very important for selection in Technical & Hr round..Dont neglect it anyway)
*follow rs agarwal....that's enough...& there is 3 section..
--- Verbal
--- Non-Verbal
--- Technical
try to answer 60% from each section.

2. TECHNICAL INTERVIEW (they give instant hr-form with technical select confirmation in this stage)
* Try to do problem normally c,java,c++ programming with a attitude that u never face this problem before even if u already know how to do that program.try to do the program with new logic u never used before.never mind u can complete it or not.the interviewer just wanna know your knowledge base.follow every step where you can show your innovative knowledge & creativity, even if the process is too lengthy.

* If interviewer ask you some question then don't give him a definition from books.try to answer him with some examples....remember interviewer not interested to know how much u can memorize things u read.he just wanna see your ability & clear concept, even if you unable to answer right.

*go with your best subject, even if interviewer ask you tell me about you..then try to invoke your fav. subject anyway there.this is a trick.i used that.interviewer ask me "tell me about yourself in brief"....then i incorporate i wanna implement my final year project in real....that's it. & then he go with it...java,sql,dbms...which are my fav subjects..

*dont loose eye-contact, try to answer...forget about gramatical errors...politely & be confident.

*try to understand the nature of the interviewer by his attitude,way of questioning,looks,age,sex..... & make a trap to insist him to select you.one process not work with every interviewer... this is a good positive attitude which also let him
know that you have good personality & know how to react with a person.

*if any hard problem asked by the interviewer then try to skip it even if u know the answer.& always try to answer the basic knowledge carefully with examples...& clearly...

5. HR INTERVIEW (This is totally depend on luck... rather in which panel u sited...there is normally 2 panel. one is selection panel : which means nobody deselected until he/she make a very bad attitude to hr-manager.
rejection panel: which means nobody selected until he/she make an outstanding attitude to hr-manager)

*dont loose eye-contact, try to answer...forget about gramatical errors...politely & be confident & always try to smile..it's very very important...try to make a good relationship with the hr-manager by smiling, confident answer, telling him your family background, hobbies,like,dislike.

*never ask him any question until you are enough confident of counter-question attack.

*ready one copy of printed cv,3 passport size photographs for whole process...