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Statements and Conclusions-Exercise Questions

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Directions: In each of the following questions, a statement is given, followed by two conclusions. Give answer (a) if only conclusion I Follows; (b) if only conclusion II Follows; (c) if either I or II follows; (d) if neither I nor II follows; (e) if both I and II follow.


1. Statement: Industrial Revolution, which first of all started in Europe, has brought about modern age.

Conclusions: I. Disparity between rich and poor results in revolution.

                 II. Revolution overhauls society.


2. Statement: Although the education system has progressed from the point of view of the number of schools, most of them are ill-equipped and have not achieved excellence in imparting education.

Conclusions: I. In future, we should provide good teachers and equipment to these schools.

                 II. We need not open any more schools in the future.


3. Statement: A large majority of the work force in India is unorganized. Most of them earn either the minimum or uncertain wages while others are engaged in sundry jobs.

Conclusions: I. The workers in the organized sector get better facilities and stay longer in their jobs.

                 II. Some workers in the unorganized sector of the work force have a regular and fixed income.


4. Statement:  People who speak too much against the dowry are those who had taken it themselves.

Conclusions: I. It is easier said than done.

                 II. People have double standards.


5. Statement: Every man should have his identity card with him. That card should mention his blood group, complete address and telephone number for contact, in case, some serious accident take place.

Conclusions: I. Blood cannot be transfused until its group is mentioned in the card.

                 II. The police needs this information specially when the accident is fatal.

                III. In case of emergency, he may forget his address and may need the card to contact his

                IV. None is supposed to forget his phone number under any circumstances.

                 V. When the seriously injured person is helpless to tell his blood group, this information would
                     suffice to indicate the required blood group.


Answer & Explanations


1. Ans: b

The cause of revolution cannot be deduced from the given statement. So, I does not follow. However, the statement mentions that Industrial Revolution brought about modern age. This means that revolution overhauls society. So, II follows.

2. Ans: a

Clearly, the statement stresses the need to provide good teachers and equipment to schools. So I follows. However, the fact that education system in India is progressing with regard to schools does not imply that no more schools should be opened. So, II does not follow.

3. Ans: b

The workers in the organized sector are not being talked about in the statement. So, I does not follow. It is mentioned that some workers in the unorganized sector are engaged in sundry jobs. This means that they have fixed income. So II follows.

4. Ans: e

The statement clearly implies that it is easier to say than to do something and what people say is different from what they do. So, both I and II follow.

5. Ans: b

This information will be helpful when the accident is fatal. So only II follows.