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The questions can be based on

Blood Relations
Mathematical Operations (or Operator based questions)

1. Blood Relations

P x Q means P is the mother of Q

P + Q means P is the father of Q

P – Q means P is the son of Q

Which of the following means A is the Grandson of D ?

(1) A x C+D         
(2) A +B+D        
(4) A-B-D


A x C+D means A is the mother of C and C is the father of D Grandchild of A

A+B+D means A is the father of B and B is the father of D. Hence D is the Grandchild of A

D+B+A means D is the father of B and B is the father of A. Here A is the Grand child of D, but we don’t know whether he is the Grandson or Granddaughter of D

A-B-D means A is the son of B and B is the son of D.  Hence, A is the Grandson of D

2. Mathematical Operations

IF ‘+’ stands for ‘-‘ , ‘-‘ stands for ‘x’, ’x’ stands for ‘÷’and ‘÷’stands for ‘+’then what is the value of 56x7÷13-11+15-8÷2-7?



Changing the symbols as given in the problem the above expression is


Solving the BODMAS rule, we get 8+143-120+14=165-120=45