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Current Affairs - September 2020-11 September Current Affairs

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  • 1996 Fox News broadcasts for the first time
  • 1959 People on Earth Get the First Glimpse of the Dark Side of the Moon
  • 1919 KLM is formed




  • The administration on Monday propelled the national re-evaluation which is relied upon to introduce unremarkable appraisal of expense cases and shut out the collaboration of citizens with authorities and usher in transparency.
  • The government on Monday set up a high-level inter-ministerial committee chaired by the revenue secretary for better coordination among various departments and law enforcement agencies to prevent money laundering activities.




  • the Indian Air Force (IAF) on Friday said there is no arrangement to import cutting edge warrior planes and it will depend on Indian endeavors to build up the Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA) for future necessities
  • The unintentional shooting down of the Mi17 V5 chopper in February as pressures mounted on the fringe was a 'major slip-up' and remedial measures have been placed in to guarantee that no such episode is rehashed, the Air Force Chief said. 
  • In the scenery of Pakistan's rehashed discussion about the atomic war, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said on Sunday that the Indian Navy's "second-strike capacity" as an atomic impediment may be "generally noteworthy". 




  • Utilizing a nuclear power magnifying lens fitted with a cathode tip multiple times littler than a human hair, University of Oregon analysts have distinguished continuously how nanoscale impetuses gather charges that are energized by light in semiconductors.
  • A triple-drug combination has been used to extend the lifespan of fruit flies by 48% in a new study led by UCL and the Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing.




  • Turkey told the United Nations Security Council on Wednesday that its military activity in northern Syria would be "proportionate, estimated and dependable" in front of a shut entryway meeting of the 15-part body to talk about Ankara's hostile.
  • Kuwait said on Wednesday that the Turkish offensive in upper east Syria is an immediate risk to dependability and harmony in the region and called for restriction, state news organization KUNA said.




  • "Whether I earned your vote or not, I have Listed to you, I have learned from you. You have made me a better President", as said by Barack Obama
  • First Hindu-American to enter in the US House of Representative as a senator is Tulsi Gabbard
  • The most powerful woman in business in India as related by the "Fortune" for the year 2012 is Chanda Kochhar