GATE Exam Preparation Tips

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Tips to Crack GATE EXAM 


Make a target to get high percentile and all India rank in the GATE

To get high score in the GATE doesn't mean that you are selected. In this exam candidates are selected on their relative scores. So, getting a score of 95% does not mean a percentile of 95. Here you complete with the best candidates in India. To get through the GATE you should know where you are among the top few candidates.


Follow standard books for GATE 

Try to cover complete syllabus within the time have (5 or 6 months). If it isn't possible, get expertise in the topics you have studied.


Apply group study method

Group study is one of the best ways for preparation of GATE. Assign a few section/topics to your friend and you focus on the remaining. Then have a brief session and discussion and exchange what both of you have studied/gained. This not only saves your time and efforts but also enhances understanding on the topics/concepts.

Take actual practice tests 

Taking actual practice tests is very important. When you begin to take the test, switch off your cell phone and have a timer which tells you the time of your test. You can take up a mock test series to experience the test in a classroom environment.

Analyze your practice test results

Analyzing the results of your practice tests is very significant. If you do not analyze, it does not add value to your performance. You should check and find out where you have mistaken and could have scored more. Know your accuracy rates in various topics and prepare a topic wise datasheet to make record of your performance in different test papers.

Solve previous years GATE papers

Solve previous years' GATE papers to understand what the actual paper would be like. It also brushes up your mind and tells you the weaknesses in the subject knowledge. So try to solve as many test papers as you can. This is the best way to prepare and get through the GATE.